One Accolade I Do Need! – The Daily Accolade From ME!!

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In my last post I said that just when I think I have something figured out – – I learn something new about the situation. One thing I can say I’ve learned is that learning never ends for me.

Well, I certainly proved myself right this time! I realized that I do need an accolade – a daily accolade!  It has to come from a certain person – from ME! I’ll bet that you feel and perform better when you end your day getting an accolade from yourself.

The accolade that works for me and I bet will work for you is: (you can use your own words) “Good Job Bobbie – You did what you said you’d do!”  In this situation I also give myself the leeway to change what “I said I’d do” when I see that changing my choice of what to do next would enable me to reach my goal more quickly.  I don’t lessen my goal. However, the goal might merit some changing.  One of my major goals now is to allow myself to get quiet and allowing myself relax and just look at what I’ve been doing and intuit whether I accomplished the tasks I set out to accomplishment in a way that will help me eventually attain my goals.  Even if the choices of action I’ve made aren’t yet perfect for the job – at least I was able to follow my own request of myself.

I may be helping others during the day too. However, I’m referring on tasks that help me achieve my goals. In the past I’d allow helping others to get in the way of my completing my own tasks. I’ve learned that it’s fine to be a “Helper”, but not at my own expense.

I’ve been quite good at completing my health tasks in the past several years. Now I’ve learned that completing my work tasks also helps my mind and my body relax and rejuvenate. This will help you too.
This follows what I said in my last post.
                   You are important. You’ve always been important.

I can envision the day when every person knows their importance and takes care of him/herself (this doesn’t negate caring about others) we’ll have a world that’s taken care of! Let’s go for it!

Bobbie Horowitz Productions, Inc.

When you make plans to visit NYC or LA or London any city that offers entertainment, which means just about any city, it’s obviously best to know what that city is known for in terms of entertainment.  I also put forth that it’s fine to let yourself know what YOU would truly like to do in that city and make a deal with the people with whom you’re travelling that the group chooses presentations so that each member gets to see at least one of his/her top choices.  This is a lot like sharing dinners, which I’ve discussed in previous blogs posts.

As a songwriter/Performer/Producer I would love everyone to see a live theater presentation and a show in a music room. In New York we call them cabarets; but the word cabaret has come to mean something else in certain cities. Burlesque is back too. I’m talking about the Burlesque that was chic in the early 20th Century.

However, I fully understand how important it is for you to stick up for what you want to see first and then listen to those you’re travelling with and see something they want to see!  You may discover a whole new field of entertainment that inspires you! That said let your wishes be heard loud and clear when you’re traveling with a group. You’ll be offering those you’re with a new and possibly wonderful experience!
                             You are important. You’ve always been important.

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  1. Thanks Bobbie. I’ve been working on this. xo

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  2. Boy, do I love me!

    • Bless you Larry. Great words to hear from you!

  3. Great job Bobbie!

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