“Did You Cause That Snow Storm?!!”

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I’m putting the two sections of my blog together today because the issue I’m talking about affects people in all fields. It’s about avoiding stress and staying healthy and deals a lot with entertainment events but, also with taking care of your stress level when you work any events events and also for decisions you make about attending events and entertainments.

Today I had an insight that I pretty sure is going to transform the way I react to many things. This “insight” hit me right between the eyes!  I realized that I was feeling guilty about something that was totally out of my control.

In a way it was making myself more important than I am. I do now accept the point that I’m important – as are you! We’re all important to the whole. However, we don’t create the weather. Well..perhaps mankind is affecting it by allowing certain global warming processes to continue, bur, individually we can’t blame ourself if it rains or snows one day – the day we scheduled something.

It’s easy to get the feeling that “Nature”  planned to make it hard for us. It’s easy to feel that way when, for example,  hurricanes occur or windstorms start up or the “snow comes tumblin’ down”.   I wonder how many people think that nature is always there to help them!

Isn’t thinking either way rather pompous, when you come down to it? Thinking that the weather is or isn’t doing something because of you?!

The Earth’s weather system is in development – as is all creation. Yet, we often think of ourselves as “being bad” and therefore causing a storm. “Yeah! Wouldn’t ya know it! Of course, if I’m presenting a one-night show it’s going to snow on the night it’s being presented!! Some people don’t look at it as  them being bad but rather as them being so insignificant that weather wants to show  them and mow them down!  Thinking that weather thinks at all – is a bit ludicrous, no?

Three or four days ago I heard that the weather in NYC on Thursday, February 13th was going to be stormy and that travel could be dangerous.  Something (a thought in my head)  prompted me to take the bull by the horns and ask the owner/manager of the The Metropolitan Room if we could reschedule and event booked for tonight. (I’m writing this on Feb. 13th). He was terrific and said that he too heard there was a strong likelihood of dangerous conditions and that we could reschedule the show. I’d need to get all the participants to be available on one of the dates and times that were still available  – i.e. not booked by another show.

When I think of where my thoughts went I laugh!  I now realize how silly my thoughts could get.  I was praying that the storm WOULD be dangerous!  How crazy is that?  I didn’t want people to think I’d cancelled just to cancel (which, truthfully, wasn’t the case.)

It turned out to be a very good decision to not ask people, some who were coming from out of town, to travel in through slick conditions. However, what I’m getting at is that the decision was made on the best information we could get our hads on at the time. No one knows for absolute sure the way a storm will turn out until it’s upon them. Why, then to people get so worried about what people will think of them if the storm doesn’t turn out to be troublesome when they’d changed plans because of it ?

I know I’m not the only one that acts as though they’re responsible for what the weather actually turns out to be. I think we can all benefit by not making ourselves wrong for making decisions based on weather forecasts or on things that are beyond our control. Producers of one-night events and/or sports events are very affected by weather. I hope this blog post helps people to forgive themselves the weather turning out to be fowl. It’s not your fault!!!

If your friends want to drive to the next city for a big event and newscasters are announcing that a hurricane is approaching – you’re allowed to tell your friends you’re not willing to risk dangerous roads that might have tress falling across them! Taking care of yourself doesn’t make you a “woo woo” person. It makes you a sane person. You can tell them I said so – and I don’t pretend to be a licensed psychologist.

Whew!!!  I don’t have to keep blaming myself for things over which I have no control! I’m a good producer and negotiator – and – I still haven’t been able to negotiate with the forces that control the weather!


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