“What I’m Just Learning I Didn’t Know About Me Blows My Mind!

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When I was in my 40s, I became interested in simplifying my thoughts about myself, about the world and about my place in the world. I had put my son in the position of seeing his parents get divorced. The divorce was very difficult for me. It was a time when some families still believed that going to an analyst for help was and indication of weakness. My family didn’t feel that way or at least I don’t think they did. However, my husband couldn’t even think of that possibility. The “me” I am now could have probably talked him into it. I didn’t dare talk to my parents about their thoughts on the matter.  Years later I did gain self-esteem and began to find myself through the wonderful spiritual work I, thankfully, made part of my life.

In my late 50s when I wanted to get back into physical shape, along with my wonderful spiritual guide, Barbara Van Diest, who became my friend, I was able to get into such healthy shape that I began, successfully, coaching others by helping each to design his/her own path to attain and maintain their optimum body. I’m healthier now, in my 70s, than I’ve ever was as a youth.

What I recently discovered was a mind blower! There’s always more we can “unlearn” and thereby learn about ourselves. Wow! I thought that in the last year or so I’d really “pulled it all together” and, just this week, I was astounded to find how I’d lived much of my life assuming I wanted things that, perhaps, weren’t necessary or me at all. As I’m typing I’m realizing that, perhaps, I did need what I wanted when I was younger, but I didn’t need to keep wanting it. I now give a spiritual reading on the first Sunday of the month, at the Unity Center I attend. For this coming month my assignment was to find writings about the question, “Can I be happy alone, without a partner?” I get that I very much wanted and am thrilled to have a child. My son is now a wonderful man heading toward – what we used to define as “middle age”. I feel truly blessed to have hi in my life; but do I truly need a husband to be happy? Wow! Just asking that question is a breakthrough for me!

My heart and head suddenly opened up and I realized that career actions I’ve chosen may not have been exactly the same as those I would have chosen were I going for my own benefit. I’d be in the same industries, but I bet I’d have taken slightly different paths.

The good outcome of these findings is that I realize I’ll probably always keep finding new things that can raise my happiness and, therefore bring me more successes in the various aspects of my life. This I believe will add to my already excellent health and will allow me to impart even greater joy to people I coach and greater joy into the songs I write and shows I produce.

You too might want to take a look at things you’ve been taught to think are necessary for happiness. You might relax and improve your health if you don’t feel obligated to want those things. It probably doesn’t ‘feel” like an obligation. Ask yourself ”Can I be happy without X?”

Bobbie Horowitz Productions, Inc.

I’ve just mentioned adding even more happiness the entertainment projects I become involved in.

Speaking of happiness – Mach is “Cabaret Month”. I see that many cities around the country are now sharing in making a month of entertainment dedicated to cabaret. I believe that this can help to bring the true definition of cabaret back into the public consciousness.

In many areas outside New York City, it’s become thought of a “Ten Cents a Dance” type of entertainment.  The word was used for that type of place in certain European countries, especially in the post WWII period.  Another word that was used for small rooms that had musical presentations was “bistro”.

There are also many cabaret awards shows in April.  In New York City, among those you can attend are The MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) Awards, the Bistro Awards and The Theater World Cabaret Awards

Many Broadway stars perform cabaret shows in which they get to choose the songs they sing. Many songwriters try out new songs in cabarets. Several cabaret shows are “finished products” and are designed for smaller rooms and knowledgeable audiences. The price of a cabaret show is usually less than the price of a theater piece and even with the minimum drink or food charge is usually less than the price of a Broadway show and you’re getting a snack along with the performance and you usually get to meet the performers.

I feel blessed that my mom and dad took me to cabaret rooms of the 1950s, including some of the beautiful hotel venues. They were a bit more expensive but very worth it. I got to hear and meet wonderful performers.

Check for listings in your local paper.

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