“My Fitness mini-Qs (?) & “ My Theater mini-Qs(?)!!!”

                                           Healthy Wealthy & Wow! 

The first step in designing mini-Qs to attain and maintain ideal fitness is to find out what the ideal is for us. We’re all different. As you know I coach people in this area. I’ve recently bumped into past Slim, Strong, Sexy Salon members who let me know that it would be great for them to have a team again. I’ve been thinking of doing the salon again for a long while and have let technical issues get in the way. The major issue for me has been finding an online program that really works for having a group of people be able to see each other and speak to each other online. I realize how that would make it easier for everyone, especially those who live far from NYC. There’s now a free one my son said will work and I’m eagerly waiting joining it and trying it.

I will begin with an in person evening a week and I’m getting the invitation emails ready now.

I know that I must do this. It’s part of my mission – and – it brings up so many things that take time. I said that I’d be done with my downloadable new book that would supplement the book I wrote. It will also be helpful for me to have a new title as the title of my book was great when I spoke to groups or if people looked at it in a bookstore.  It came out just before the tide really turned in the way people buy books. Now people do “google searches” for topics they want to find out about. You really need to have a ‘simple” title that people will google for. I’ve blogged about the title before.  Having the second book that has the original “tied” to it on the online Amazon, etc., order pages would be less expensive than redesigning the cover with a new title. Besides it would confuse people who already have the book.

At the same time I’ve been involved with songwriting and cabaret producing and presenting again. All this mental and physical activity may be helping me keep youthful, however I’m noticing that years pass more quickly for me now.

Again – the definition of mini-Q, a term I made up that works for me because it makes me giggle, is the minimum quantity of tasks needed per day (some are per week or, even, month) to accomplish a goal and keep it going.  Mini-Qs can help in any area of life. (It basically means your routine  – but the term routine makes many go yuch! So it’s better to make up a term for yourself like I made up mini-Qs.)

I’ll need to get my own mini-Qs for work together if I intend to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wow! and get all this done.


                                 Bobbie Horowitz Productions, Inc.

This coach often needs to coach herself. Mini-Qs work in the realm of creativity as well as in the realm of health. It seems as though heaven screamed at me to get back to my love of songwriting and cabaret entertainment. I am quite aware that most people have a false notion or no notion at all of what cabaret entertainment or what an actual Cabaret is.  I have another goal and that is to bring Cabaret back into the publics consciousness and educate the public about the contributions Cabarets have made in the world of music and the type of entertainment space a Cabaret is. While I no this is no minor task, if feel that if I make some contribution to bringing about the joy of people enjoying live entertainment – seated together in a small space that fosters comradeship. America’s definition of the term cabaret was influenced by the cabaret depicted in the Broadway musical called “Cabaret’. Today most Americans have no idea what the term really means. I would love to see people from all over be reconnected to the joy of cabaret and small music room entertainment.

I also had another idea of how I want to use cabaret entertainment to accomplish another goal of mine. This is a major goal by anyone’s standards. I’m going to remain silent on what this is until a few weeks before the opening of my first show, which is aimed at achieving this goal! The first performance is booked for Wednesday, September 3rd. The second is booked for Thursday, October 2nd.

I’m also writing a song for a woman, which may well turn into a show.  Plus another show I’d promised a gentleman I’d have an outline of.

I see that my log was held off for a while. Mini-Qs must be designed now, so I accomplish my goals and do them in a way that works for me and allows me to keep my promises to myself and to others. I won’t make more promises until these are done.


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