“Being In The Moment” – Really Helps


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Remember “BE HERE NOW”?

Wow! I found out – again – that when I stay in the moment I really can get everything done that I “realistically” assigned myself to do!   I hear those words “BE HERE NOW” ringing though my head.

I remember taking the EST training and thinking, “All right, already! I’ll be here now! I’ll be somewhere else later!”

The EST Training was very popular in the 1970s and early 80s. It went on to be Landmark Training, I haven’t studied at Landmark. Interestingly, the lovely gentleman who is their Director of Professional Training and his wife, happen to live in the same building and on the same floor I do in Manhattan. I admit that when I see them I do think of ‘Be Here Now!” However, the words leave my head quickly.

Just this week, when those words came back into my head– I decided to follow the principal they teach us! Firstly, I saw that I probably give myself too many things to do. From now on I’m promising myself to be careful to NOT assign myself an overload of tasks – which usually leads to experiencing some failure because there’s no way to accomplish an overload of (even self assigned) assignments. In addition, and “here is the best part”: when I concentrate on the task at hand at the moment – and wipe other concerns out of my mind – “I get a head start” and I feel “among the very young at heart”!

I know it sounds like I’m being silly– but I’m surprised at how much I’ve gotten accomplished, in many areas of my life, in the past couple of days. I find this interesting because I got these tasks done while getting ready for the show of my songs that’s being presented tomorrow!

Just being present while laying out my clothes for the next day shortens the time that task takes. It’s a pleasurable task for me; but there are times I pull the wrong this or that out of the drawer or forget if I left it on the kitchen shelf or on the dresser top where I need it. Not thinking about the blog post that’s due while writing out a check saves me from possible errors on the check because my mind wandered. Not thinking about a check I need to write out while writing the blog post helps get the blog done.

I know this sounds totally basic – but so many people I know get held up, at times, by letting thoughts not related to the task at hand distract them.

Being in the moment helps me immeasurably when it comes to exercise, remembering to take the correct supplements with each meal, counting the blocks I walked so I reach my minimum number of blocks I set for myself to walk each day…etc.

By the way, if you’d like more information on the ‘health” procedures I set for myself and how I came up with them and how you can design your minimum number of things to do to get and keep yourself in shape go to my site: www.bobbiehorowitz.com and click on the tab that says: Author.

Every action I need to take during the day –i.e.my fitness routine, my work routine, my being a mother routine, my social routine, etc. etc. work much more easily when I keep my mind on the task at hand and don’t think of the other things I need to do that day.

(I know most of us hate the word “routine” – that’s why I wrote the book. If you read it you’ll know what I mean)

Bobbie Horowitz Productions, Inc.

“BE HERE NOW While Purchasing Tickets” to Entertainments & Events

Everything I said in the last blog, about wanting to make cabaret entertainment more prominent in this country again, requires my paying attention to each task as I’m engaged in and not letting my mind wander.


The same would benefit you when choosing an entertainment and when buying tickets to the entertainment, be it a show or theatrical event. Firstly, you want to pick an entertainment you’ll enjoy or one that would benefit you in some other way. This process can take even more thought if you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place and are deciding on the entertainments to attend while you’re there. You may also find different price choices, if you take the time to look for discounts. In NYC we have many ticketing agencies that offer discounts to Broadway shows, concerts and all kinds of entertainments. If you keep your mind on the task of finding the best discounted tickets and don’t let your mind wander to what you’ll pack to wear for your trip, if your car is ready at the service station, etc. etc. you’ll, most likely, get a better price for your event and get it done more quickly.


I know you’ve probably heard this a million times. I know I have. I’ve even taken workshops in the area of time management – but I found it didn’t hurt to be reminded.


I wish you a beautiful second half of April filled with entertainment and joy!


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