Is Everlasting Romantic Love Really Necessary?

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I’m not sure of exactly what made this thought pop into my head yesterday. Whatever it was, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It fascinated me and I felt I was on to something. The feeling I’m speaking of is based on intuition and it links to the spiritual trainings I’ve had in the past 24 years.

I have no degree in psychology – but bear with me – I think this thought can help a lot of people reduce stress and be able to follow what I call their “mini-Qs” for staying fit. “Mini-Qs”, for those of you who haven’t read my book, are the minimum quantity of things you design for yourself to do and the number of times you perform each “to do” on a daily, weekly or monthly, etc., basis – to get and remain fit. It’s really very simple. I came up with the term because the word “routine” often creates a negative feeling in people.

I clearly saw that what we think of as romantic love developed because the planet needed us to populate and enhance the planet’s development. Romantic love led us to want to populate and to want to stay with the other person involved in creating our child until that child was able to care for itself. I “got” that instincts developed as they were needed by mankind to survive and succeed on Earth. The instinct to reproduce seemed obviously necessary.

Why I feel it’s important to see this possibility (which I think is a probability) is that so many people feel and stay miserable when their romantic lover, i.e., husband/wife fails them. Perhaps once the job of reproducing is complete and once the children are grown, or if one of the spouses can raise the child alone, the romantic attachment is no longer truly necessary. Of course, we’re designed to keep the possibility of reproducing longer than we tend to. Therefore, we keep feeling the need for romantic love.

After reading Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s book about eating to suit your blood type I saw that blood types developed (I think what he says makes a lot of sense) to fill a need humanity had at different specific times in mankind’s history.

I wonder if mankind’s make up might not change in time to make the ability to reproduce end at an earlier age. So many romantic relationships end in the ‘modern era”. We think of “Modern” as meaning the last few years; but in the scheme of things it might mean since people were able to travel from place to place.

People are living longer and, perhaps, what we need are deep friendships that last. We may have taught ourselves that having a romantic lover forever is the ideal. I’m still have a romantic heart, however yesterday I began to wonder if that is my truth or if that is a wish I’ve been taught to have.

I know I’m going out on a limb with this thought. I’ll return to the topic when I get further insights. It may save many people from stress that isn’t needed.

I’d love to hear your comments about this.

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Romantic Love certainly plays an important role – if not THE important role in stories for plays, musicals, movies and TV series. Every show I produced and almost every song I’ve written has some element of romantic love in it. I can hardly imagine a musical that didn’t have romantic love song in it somewhere. I googled searched “2014 plays that have romantic love as a theme” and came up with 409,000,000 choices. Granted there were several repeats – but; 409,000,000!

Going to the theater and to the movies is a great way to get to look at the problems and the happy times that arise as a result of romantic love. You can sit back in your chair watching other people go through their traumas and possibly learn from them. I think in most cases people identify with certain love problems and take the idea that others have the same problems as a reason to make them real. I’ve recently begun, trying at least, to look at this troubles as just thoughts and choose to have them not be real. Note: I’m not saying they’re not “real thoughts”, however a thought is a choice. I’m daring to suggest that you can choose the way you look at stories that have romantic mishaps in them. The stories of most plays even those that have central themes other than romantic love will often also have touches of romantic love and the problems that go with it as a secondary theme. I can’t wait to see “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder”. You can use these stories to help yourself rather than to reinforce negative feelings that come up for you. If you have no negative feelings about romantic love in your life – then BRAVO to you!!!!!


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