Did We Make Up Money?

First let me explain that work was bountiful this month and I allowed myself to post only one entry in May. I’ve been thinking about the topic of money and health (really, money and anything) for the month. I realize that money is something we operate with now and we need to have it to live.

I titled an old post, “Is It Really Only Money That Makes Us Work Harder?” I’ve lately been thinking about money. In terms of how it affects what we do and how we think about our life.


Healthy Wealthy & Wow! 


Today I heard a woman talking to her friend in the supermarket. She was telling the woman with her that she wouldn’t buy organic food, even if it meant the items were cleaner and safer, because they cost more. This got me thinking in two different directions.

The first was centered on health.

I would think that, originally, the sprays were originally devised to keep foods fresh and protect them from bug poisons so people would have more food to eat. The food could be shipped from the farmlands to the other areas and still remain relatively fresh. The first sprays were to deter bugs from poisoning the foods. I remember planting and picking vegetables and fruits in my Gramma’s backyard in Brooklyn. We were taught to spray when the mosquitoes came out.


Then we learned there were toxins in the chemicals used to spray the foods and it paid to have food grown naturally. Growing and shipping the natural products became more expensive than farming the sprayed foods.


What fascinated me was the woman’s having more concern about her money than about her health. She looked as though spending two or three more dollars wouldn’t make her move onto the street.


To make a long story shorter, I’ll let you know right now that I realized that mankind had to make up money so the man who fished could have a suit that fit and the tailor could have a fish.

When mankind started developing everything was made in once place or, at least one community. Some people did the farming some the sewing, some the furniture making, etc. etc. The farmer, or animal raiser would build his own house and his woman would sew clothes. When it became more complicated and towns grew larger, the animal caretaker could bring cut up cow pieces (or whatever animal could live in your weather zone) to the person who could easily build furniture, or make a suit, etc. and trade. As it got more complicated and people spread out more each family had to find people who made what they wanted and wanted what they made so they could trade. When that got difficult they gave the person who made what they wanted a certain number of pebbles. Then that person could take the pebbles to someone who made what he needed.


I can really sense how difficult it got and how a form of exchange had to be developed for people to live. Hence money was invented. Humans made it up to suit our needs. Now mankind is using more and more intricately designed machinery to make what we need.

At the risk of sounding crazy, I’ll say that, at some point the machines won’t even have to be programmed to know how much of anything is needed. They will know and they’ll make it. We’ll have whatever we need and we won’t have to work for it. We’ll “pick it up” – or I bet the machines will even deliver it to us – and that will be that. The machines won”t need money. They’ll know how to repair themselves and/or make new machines when needed.

So, what will humans be needed for? I think we’ll be doing wonderful things beyond what our current comprehension can take in. Of course, this won’t happen in our lifetimes or our grandchildren’s lifetimes…however… we can look at money in a different light.


Thee must be a way to spend out money now on things that will truly better our lives and donate to those less fortunate in ways that have them spending on what’s naturally healthy for them.

If our spending now concentrates on what’s naturally healthy for us (and on medications, etc. only when absolutely necessary), I believe we’ll all be healthier and thereby be more able to earn money.  I believe we’ll have enough for clothing and entertainment and we won’t have the feeling we need to be lavish in order to be accepted and loved.


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Remember that we made money up. How do you decide which entertainments to spend money on? Do you decide according to what you want to see or according to the best priced deal? Read my Monthly Entertainment Tip. I speak about the topic of Money & Entertainment this month.


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Monthly Entertainment Tip

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