If the New York City Cabaret Community Can Have So Much Love Flowing Through It – Why Can’t The Whole World Have This?

New York cabaret performers come in every shape, skin color and age. Granted, older performers will have a simpler time finding a place in this community than they would in the giant auditoriums around the country or on Broadway stages, if they haven’t already been stars.

Older performers who travel the country and perform in huge music halls like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center or appear on Broadway have, usually, already attained a degree of stardom. By the way, I’ve found the “stars” and have known, to be loving people too.

I can feel the LOVE that permeates the cabaret rooms. Cabaret artists turn out for each other and root for each other. I very rarely hear a mean word said about a cabaret performer by another cabaret performer.

Guess what? I see no reason why the whole word can’t operate in the same loving way! (None of us will probably be here long enough to see if Earth develops into a planet that consciously operates on LOVE – but I sense the day will come when that happens.

If you’re thinking, “Get her off the stage!!!!” – it’s okay with me, because I understand that it’s all just part of the process of human development. I’m suggesting that we use what I’ve experienced in the NY cabaret world as an example to follow.

It makes sense that the cabaret community is a place where love is at the center. Read more about this in the Bobbie Horowitz Productions section.


Healthy, Wealthy & Wow! 

I often see cabaret, who are in their 60s, 70s and beyond, show up to see their friends perform in shows. I know cabaret performers, who are in their 80s, who perform evening shows. I see them showing up more than once or twice a week to see different shows and, also, to perform in shows of their own. Some of us in our 70s and beyond are still writing songs. Sensational Marilyn Maye seems like she’s getting stronger and stronger! She’s 87 years old!

I’m seeing more and more evidence supporting the concept that being involved in something you care about and being in a community of people who care about you and about each other and whom you care about – can help to support your health. I’ll research studies that may have been undertaken about this topic and pass them along to you in my next blog.

I’ve mentioned this thought to many of the older people who are connected with theater and/or cabaret. Each has agreed that being connected to the arts in some way keeps their minds and body’s active.

Last night, at a presentation given by The York Theatre, I spoke with a lovely woman I haven’t seen in a few years. She looked younger than ever and I was surprised (and I usually don’t get surprised by age) when she told me she was 89. She was out for the evening and dressed to the hilt!

I’d love to get your feedback and to hear about communities you know of, in which there is great mutual caring and in which people actively continue participate when they reach ages we presently call elderly. Do those people keep on going for longer periods?


Bobbie Horowitz Productions, Inc.

I suggested that the world should encourage people to gather where music is playing. This can help spread the “vibe” of peace and togetherness. Most cabaret rooms are quite inexpensive. The shows are usually one hour. Some cabarets are also supper clubs with very decent menus. Those that don’t serve dinner often serve snacks and usually have a two-drink minimum. I’m realizing more and more that it makes sense that a world of love would flourish in a community in which music is the central force.

Twelfth Night, which I had the pleasure of participating in at the Jean Cocteau Repertory in 1976, is a hit again on Broadway this year. Do you remember the first line? “If music be the food of love, play on!”

For those of you who don’t know the NY cabaret scene – cabarets are NOT “Gentleman’s Clubs”. Cabarets have been mistaken for “Gentlemen’s Clubs” by several of the tourists I’ve spoken with. I imagine these tourists were influenced by the Broadway show and then the movie, “Cabaret”.

If you’ve brought your love to New York or wish to gain love while your here or to enrich your spirit with love, so you can attract love when you get back home – visit the New York Cabarets. Cabarets are usually only an hour long. Even with the two-drink minimum they won’t break your bank. You can get to know the performers in cabarets after their show has finished. Most cabaret clubs have an informal atmosphere.

Great performers can be found for great prices in the cabaret rooms in New York. You can find a Cabaret Scenes Magazine or go to websites like Cabaret Scenes, Time Square Chronicles, Broadway World and others for reviews and write-up about clubs, performers and their shows. I’m assuming the New Yorkers who will read this already know about these entertainment sources.  I request out newspapers carry info about cabarets.


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