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There are so many beautiful Art Museum showings in New York City in the summer. I listen to people talk when I treat myself to a showing. So much of the conversation is about how wonderful it must be to be beautiful and have someone want to paint a portrait of you or sculpt creature like you. I often look at the people talking and wonder if they own a mirror!

The few times I’ve heard that conversation come up between men I hear lines like, “Someone want to paint me? That would be a laugh!

I understand that men and women are trained to downplay their looks and, for that matter, all attributes. They’re taught that it’s good manners not to think of themselves as too good-looking. I can sense the, would you think that faith would based on having creation come from a loving force that would want all to develop beautifully and live happily. I do hear people talk about being honest. That’s looked upon as okay. Of course it’s more than okay – and –

However, touting your own be looked upon as not doing right.   Many cultures train their population to not pay attention to their physical attributes.

One of my major goals is to do what it takes to reveal to the population that each person is beautiful! I’ve run workshops and worked individually with people to allow themselves to accept themselves as the beautiful being they are, as a treasure on this planet.

I’ll be presenting my “Dress To Get “YES” on July 21st in NYC, I suggest that everyone take my workshop or be analyzed by a well trained (as was I).

People who’ve taken my workshop have a different perspective on being beautiful. The also realize that we’re each l different. Every season a ‘fashion” is made popular in order to sell stuff. BUT: your wonderful looks are about your own personal style. Fashion has to change to sell things. Your style never changes.

At the very least write this down. “I am Beautiful!” It’s helped many peopleaken . I dare to say it’s helped everyone who’s taken it. It may sound goopy, however, there’s something to it. Read it in the morning and make an effort not to push the idea away if it comes into your head during the day.

Remember too that you’re not saying “I’m sweet looking and pretty” or, if you’re male, “I’m handsome”. Those are styles of looks. You are YOUR style. All styles are beautiful when they’re accepted and brought out by their owner.


              Bobbie Horowitz Productions, Inc.

lf you’re a performer, Please read the above and contact me. I’d love to help you.

When I was auditioning for roles in theater I had a suit I called my “lucky audition suit”. I also had a “lucky jacket” that I wore if I wanted to get a better price on something or when I was raising money for a charity. I hadn’t yet produced theater or opened my image consulting business. I later found out that they weren’t “lucky”. They were lucky because:

  1. They harmonized with my skin tone, hair color, body shape and personality style and…
  2. In the case of the jacket, that brought me luck when I was raising money, It was (my harmonizing shade of) the “Color That Inspires “TRUST”. Color that inspires trust? – you may ask? Yes, there is a color family that inspires trust. “COLOR PSYCHOLOGY” is a good thing for everyone to know. It’s a science. It may not be ‘Rocket Science”; but it is a science nonetheless.

If you’re a potential audience member, I bet you’re attracted by certain ads for plays & musicals. Then if the show lives up to the feeling the ad gave you you’ll tell your friends this is a “must see”. Good add designers know how to use imagery that harmonized with what the show would be if it were fabulous. (Sometime the show is fabulous; but it was the ad and or promo that got you to buy the ticket.)


If you come across shows that either match or don’t match their promos I’d love you to inform me of what you’ve found to reply t0 this post.


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