Humans Are Teeny In the Scheme of “The Whole Universe”. We Can Find Fun Ways To Care For Our Little Bodies – Plus Entertainment Can Help Our Brains Function

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I apologize for the time since my last blog. My computer had to be repaired at The Apple Store. I feel compelled to let you know they were terrific! I don’t work for them, just thankful.

I’m stunned that just before I began writing this blog I saw an interesting headline on the front page of The New York Times. My Internet program is set to open to The New York Times. I’d intended to write about how tiny humans are when one takes into consideration the whole universe – or swarms of universes or whatever makes up the totality of “what is”. What do I see in the center of the front page but an article titled: “Stalking the Shadow Universe”. It makes it quite clear that our galaxy (the Sun and all the planets, etc. that spin around our sun, is one little “blurp” in the spread of matter from that original Big Bang that happened. Our Universe (which may be one of many) is now estimated at 13.8 billion years old. I always say estimated because I’ve found that new discoveries are constantly being made.

We’re very small beings when you look at the whole picture. That makes me think that we should be able to keep our body as strong as possible through our lifespan. We are learning more about our bodies and how to deal with them and how to make them more able to get around and live longer on this tiny planet in this small galaxy in this universe in, what we now think is a huge universe. We may find out it’s less huge as our research techniques are enhanced.

First find out what blood type you are and what illnesses existed in your family. Then take into account what health challenges you’ve preciously had and plan your daily activities to include health maintenance procedures. These can be very simple and, I might add, you can make them FUN! As you already must know, I came up with the term “mini-Qs” to name my daily activities. I have a minimum number of daily actions I promise myself to accomplish. Again, mini-Q stands for minimum quantities of actions I promise myself take each day; walk 30 city blocks or drink so many glasses of water, etc. etc.

My book, “Find Your mini-Qs(?): Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond.” Will help you figure out the activities and minimums of each you promise yourself to do each day. You can revise your plan until it works for you. To learn more about it and purchase the book go to and scroll to the bottom.


              Bobbie Horowitz Productions, Inc.

lf you’re a performer, Please read the above and contact me. I’d love to help you. In my last blog I asked you to call about clothing you might choose. This blog concerns itself with your body’s health. As a performer it’s important to stay as fit and healthy and attentive as possible. I’m sure you’re aware of that.

I found this on the Internet. I’d heard of Dr. Weil and read several articles by him. He said, “We’ve known for some time that music can have a powerful effect on mind and body. Hospitals use music therapy to ease pain, boost patients’ moods and counteract depression, and music therapy stimulates nursing home residents and improves the moods of psychiatric patients…..And going to the theater is just one of the stimulating habits that can keep your mind active and may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

If you’re in NYC there are many theater festivals in the summer. The NYMF Festival runs through July (I notice some of the musicals are running a bit longer) and there are many shows to choose from. I put in a Google search for musicals running in NY during the summer and came up with About 42,600,000 results (1.00 seconds)! I have a feeling a town near near you must be showing some too.


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