Remember: You’re In Failure Till You’ve Accomplished the Goal! This Is Why I Came Up With the mini-Qs(?) Concept.

 Healthy, Wealthy & Wow!                      

One of the best things I was ever taught was to sit still for a while and meditate on what I intended to accomplish in any specific area. I was advised to:

  • write down every aspect of the accomplishment –
  • write what I intended to achieve in each or the aspects.
    • Note: I’ve been using the word “intended” instead of “wanted”. Using the word intended was in and of itself helped me accomplish goals I’d set for myself.
  • Now comes the “biggie”. Print out the goal or write it on a piece of paper and then put it away in a drawer. YEP! Put it away and don’t look at for a specified space of time.

If you keep looking at the goal each day – before you’ve accomplished it you can still feel “in failure” because you haven’t accomplished it yet.

I realized that the way I’d be able to go to my drawer and take out the paper with the goal – having accomplished the goal and NOT be in failure – was to set down specific tasks I would do and when I would do them. Most of them where what many people call their “Daily To Do’s”. I called them that too until one day a term popped into my head and it made me giggle and giggle. The term “mini-Q” made me giggle. What I was making the term refer to was the minimum quantity of tasks or repetitions of a task –usually daily – that would get the job done. Concentrating on doing what I chose to do each day to get further along to the goal – rather then on the goal – took the “failure” feeling away!

I’m updating my book “Find Your mini-Qs (?) Reveal
“The Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are!”at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond” I’m also giving it a more “googleable” title. When I wrote it people were just beginning to google for things. In the past two or three years the way people, who don’t know you, buy has changed a lot. I’m excited. I love watching technical advances take place. I basically help people design their own daily, weekly, etc. required tasks to drop pounds or get healthy, etc. It translates into all areas of life.

In the new edition of my book you’ll be able to use the system for all areas of life. Guess what? You can design your daily “to dos” to be FUN for you!


Bobbie Horowitz Productions, Inc.

 If you’re in theater – or even if your theatrical connection is simply buying tickets to shows you want to see – the mini-Q concept is ideal. In my book update I’ll teach you how to find your own name for the system I call mini-Qs. It will be great to use when deciding which entertainments to buy tickets for. You’ll want to read about the show, find out the best prices for tickets, discover what the best seats are in the theater in which the entertainment is playing, etc. etc.

If you’re a performer I’m sure you can now imagine what I’m talking about. How do you prepare for an audition? How do you plan to get to the audition? How will you follow up with the casting agent, producer, or whomever you were instructed to follow up with, if you were, indeed, instructed.

Most importantly, discover what makes it FUN for you to do and accomplish the tasks. While I know that not everything can be as much fun as we’d like it to be, we can make many “chores” of our daily tasks more fun for ourselves. Fun is helpful!


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