Short Periodic Rituals Help Simplify Writing & Producing Entertainments Plus Adding the Ritual of Attending Entertainments Can Enrich Your Life!

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It’s very easy to feel inundated with work when you’re producing an event of any kind. Presenting entertainment events, especially when you need to produce different entertainments fairly close to each other can be especially nerve wracking for many people. I’ve discovered that having certain daily or weekly rituals can help calm me when I know I have different events to present to the public.

I wouldn’t produce them if I didn’t want people to enjoy them and benefit from them. I’ve found that having a plan of action that is very structured helps me greatly. Not all of the actions taken are directly connected to the project. Some are connected to centering myself so the day’s tasks flow more easily.

  • I take two to five minutes each day, in the morning, to meditate on the program at hand and on issues that seem to be in my way.
  • Then I practice EFT, which stands for “Emotional Freedom Technique”, otherwise known as “Tapping”. I focus on clearing away the issues I perceive to be in my way. My chiropractor has discovered it and uses this technique on his patients. I’ve gotten great results from following Nickolas Ortner’s online programs. I finally met him in person today at The Louise Hay “I Can Do It” seminar. Here is a link to his program: It’s like meditation for me.
  • I also plot the minimum number of tasks I need to accomplish each day to promote the projects and see to it they’re up and running smoothly on their scheduled dates.

I understand that that boom-pa-doom plotting like this can sound boring. However, I find that knowing I’ll accomplish what’s need in a structured fashion get lowers my anxiety levels, makes it simpler for those who work with me and gives the audience the quality entertainment it deserves

                                   Bobbie Horowitz Productions, Inc.

I’m in the worlds of entertainment and of coaching people to bring out their own winning looks (and each human has his/her winning looks!) Naturally, I need to see several entertainments each month.

You can get more benefits from the entertainments you choose to see each week or each month by following my method of meditating, which merely consists of sitting still in a comfortable position, asking yourself what things may be troubling you that week and letting your mind find the answers while you’re relaxed. I find myself meditating while I travel on the bus to my appointments in the city. (Of course, I wouldn’t consider doing this while driving.)

You can look at the entertainments that are playing in your town and see if one or more of them deal with the issues you may need to deal with.

I highly suggest you consider the Cabaret shows and music reviews that are playing in your town. Music is healing and these shows are less expensive than most theater pieces and take up less time than a theater production.

  • If you’re in New York City, I’m thrilled to let you know that “Shows To Go Ya & other Songs by Bobbie Horowitz” is playing on September 29th At the Metropolitan Room 34 West 22nd in NYC. I’ve made it reasonable so you can see this for $20 & a 2-drink minimum. To reserve seats, call 212-206-0440. On Facebook, the managing partner of the club posted: “Bobbie Horowitz is a genius. Her Shows to Go Ya show so incredibly entertaining!” My songs cover various topics and might well deal with issues that are troubling you.


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