When I think of My Body As Being Like a Galaxy I Can Make Wiser Choices For Healing It


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When this concept first entered my mind I was sure anyone I shared it with would think I’m totally nuts. The more I thought about this concept the clearer and more apparent it became. I often wish that I’d more science classes at Cornell. The prevailing thought at that time was that the sciences and the arts were two different things. I now see them as two aspects of the same field of study.

I’ll explain my thought briefly here and I’ve just decided to add a chapter about it to the updated, expanded and retitled version of my book about revealing the slim, strong, sexy star you truly are at age 50, 60, 70 & beyond.

In short, I’ve come to see my body as a galaxy. A galaxy consists of different solar systems. My body has different organs. I think of my stomach as a solar system-i.e. a star with cells, i.e., planets that revolve around it. For example, my stomach is like a star and has cells revolving around its core. Protons and neurons are revolving in my cells – like moons revolve around planet. The energy of Spirit is the joining force that runs through it all.

When I look at my body this way I’m more connected to the need of nurturing each moon so the planets are nurtured and it’s stars are, in turn, nurtured.

These thoughts also lead me to value my body and hold myself in a higher and more important light. I see how allowing certain elements can cause damage to our planet Earth. I don’t want to allow elements to get into the planets in my body casing this star, which I call Bobbie. It’s a great idea for you to give your name to your star. Our bodies already have our names. If we think of our bodies as stars we may be more prone to treat them as the stars they truly are.


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So many USA cities have Thanksgiving Day parades. I’m blessed ot live in NYC which has one of the grandest parades. It’s interesting that when we’re kids we beg our parents to take us to the parades. I know I did when I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn. It was a big dead to go into the “city” early to get a good spot from which to watch the parade. Admittedly, it could be rejuvenating to cheer Kermit and the Muppets. My former songwriting partner and did meet with Jim Henson some years ago. It was a delight to be in The Muppet Mansion! Broadway star, Idina Menzel and many others will be performing as will young Taylor Swift. I have to admit I haven’t thought of being near the parade for years…but…it’s true entertainment… when I forget about being a “grownup” and I can take a breath and allow myself to  enjoy being with so many people!

I just realized that I was taught, as an adult, to hate being in the midst of crowds.  I have to admit that I always did,  kind of,  like crowds. Now I’m thinking I should give them another chance. I think of Oscar Hammerstein’s brilliant song, “You’ve Got to Be Taught”. It might be refreshing to look at Thanksgiving like we did as Toddlers.   Macy’s certainly had a good idea when they thought of putting up events for the city. I don’t work for Macy’s and never did; but I have to say, this parade is super marketing.

It might be fun for you to check out what your area has to offer for Thanksgiving.


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