Eating For My System’s Needs Has Warmed Me UP! + Seeing Shows In Development Can Be Exhilarating Fun & Inexpensive


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      Eating For My System’s Needs Has Warmed Me UP!

Last winter I noticed that when people were complaining about freezing, I may have been cold but I wasn’t freezing. I’m noticing this even more so this year. We had a couple of surprisingly cold days last month according to the weather forecasters. I wasn’t cold at all. I was properly dressed for cold but it looked as though my freezing friends were dressed properly too.


What makes this very odd is that I was always the “freezing one”! When I was a kid I would freeze if the weather got below 45, which isn’t that cold. I remember be frigid on some cool camp nights in Massachusetts when I was child and pre-teen.


When I was 60 I needed to get back in shape and, as you know if you’ve ben reading my blog I did tons of research on eating and exercise that would be optimum for my body. I can’t think of anything else that would have warmed me as much as the change in my eating habits has changed my body’s reaction to cold. I believe that my following the plan of eating for my Blood Type, which is A Positive as well as avoiding the Night Shade vegetables that aggravated my system and led me to have severe osteoarthritis play a large factor in reason my body is so much warmer that it was from childhood through my early 60s,


I highly recommend you checking out these items and speaking to you doctor about foods that might not be highly beneficial for you. We’re all individuals and have different requirements. I talk a lot about this in the book I’m finishing that should be on the market in a couple of months. I’ll tell you the title as soon as I create it!



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Seeing Shows In Development Can Be Exhilarating Fun & Inexpensive


I’ve been going to a lot of developmental presentations of musicals and cabaret acts and realized that some of these would make wonderful evenings of entertainment for tourists and people who might be interested in seeing what it takes to develop a good show. The prices for these entertainments are significantly lower they are for seats for a Broadway or, even, an Off Broadway show.


For those not working in theater or entertainment it could be especially fun-filled to see excellent performers and directors and musicians, etc. at work creating something new and seeing what works or doesn’t work about the piece. I’m referring only to really professional pieces.


Last night I saw a bit of a new one man show that Len Cariou (the original Sweeney Todd, in case you don’t know his name) is developing. I was moved beyond words. I now really understand what that phrase means. I’d been friendly with his wonderful wife and it was so good to see her vital self.


Many of these shows in development are open to the public for very reasonable prices. Urban Stages at 259 W 30th St is a great example of theater that has excellent talent showing new things. It’s a not-for-profit theater and much of their money goes to charitable causes. I don’t work for them. Francis Hill, the artistic director is lovely and I think tourists and others would get a kick out of what she’s accomplishing.


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  1. Bobbie,
    We loved meeting you the other night at Urban Stages where Len Cariou performed. You are full of great information and an inspiration. Thanks for making an already incredible evening spectacular!
    Dee, Gerald and Carmen

    • Dear Dee, Gerald and Carmen –

      I just saw this heartwarming comment! please know the feeling is mutual. Please let me know if you’re planning to see NYC shows in the future. Pit would be lovely to meet again. Until then Happy Holidays!

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