Look At Things That Are “Not Working” In Your Life As Positive Info!

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You Began Your New Eating or Exercise Plan.  Your Stomach and Back Start To Hurt and You’ve Gained Weight! – Check Out Why & Revise!

I wrote a blog post earlier this year about “being in failure as soon as you set a goal”. You’re mind thinks you’re in failure because you haven’t yet reached that goal. I think this is worth repeating. If this comes up as often as it does for me, it probably comes up for many other people too. Get this!


You’re not in failure – you’re “In Process”. This is an important change in the way you look at what’s happening in your life. To turn the momentary failure into a win choose to


Are you saying to yourself, “Okay, I’m been doing 23 quick up and down lifts of 20 pound weights and I’m doing them quickly for two weeks now. I should be firming up well. I’ve been eating less than 400 calories a meal during this period. I should be losing pounds and firming up. I don’t feel that much firmer and my back is hurting. I guess I wasn’t meant to be thin!


I used to feel this way about my body and my efforts to get it into shape. Now I realize that my body reacts better when I use very heavy weights and only do three slow lifts. We’re not all exactly the same. Learn which exercises work best for your body. This is a topic I cover in my book that is presently being prepared for print by my publisher.


I also used to eat low calorie foods and starve and get severe pains in my stomach. I had severe Osteoarthritis that I thought I’d inherited. I learned that, “yes – I inherit the tendency toward Osteoarthritis; but I don’t have to have it. What I inherited was a body that reacted well to certain foods and not so well to others.


Now I know that when something isn’t working or I’m having feelings that don’t seem to be improvements – I ASK QUESTIONS. I keep asking and trying until I find a doctor or nutritionist I trust. I may try a few things that don’t work. I do finally find the way that’s right for me and I win!


Winning is a process. Instead of saying to yourself that you’ve failed when things don’t work out tell yourself you’re in the process of finding the way for you to win.


Mankind has been in this process all the time. When we can all get together and simply say, “This thing or that thing isn’t working. Lets to the research and the trials and find the way to make it work.” – that’s when Earthling will really accomplish things and learn ot live in love.


At the risk of sounding “Woo Woo” I believe that living in love and great comfort and joy is not only possible but is the intention of our creation. Why would be here to live in fear and discomfort? That makes no sense at all.


Given where different people are now due to the way they’ve lived and their ancestors have lived for many, many, many years – certain people may not get to 100% health, etc. However, I bet most people can be much more comfortably healthy than they are now. I know I’m MUCH more healthy and comfortable and feel better looking than I was and felt years ago.


What makes this very odd is that I was always the “freezing one”! When I was a kid I would freeze if the weather got below 45, which isn’t that cold. I remember be frigid on some cool camp nights in Massachusetts when I was child and pre-teen.


When I was 60 I needed to get back in shape and, as you know if you’ve ben reading my blog I did tons of research on eating and exercise that would be optimum for my body. I can’t think of anything else that would have warmed me as much as the change in my eating habits has changed my body’s reaction to cold. I believe that my following the plan of eating for my Blood Type, which is A Positive as well as avoiding the Night Shade vegetables that aggravated my system and led me to have severe osteoarthritis play a large factor in reason my body is so much warmer that it was from childhood through my early 60s,


I highly recommend you checking out these items and speaking to you doctor about foods that might not be highly beneficial for you. We’re all individuals and have different requirements. I talk a lot about this in the book I’m finishing that should be on the market in a couple of months. I’ll tell you the title as soon as I create it!



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         Great Inventors Didn’t Always Feel Like Winners!

Thomas Edison is said to have had such faith in his idea that a thing like electricity existed and that it could be used to help people the world in many ways that he kept at until his faith proved correct. Another person may have easily given up on creating a light that came from another source than fire.


Young Tom Edison is the title of a 1040 movie starring Mickey Rooney, Fay Bainter, George Bancroft and others. IMBD on the internet describes the movie and says: “Inventor Thomas Edison’s boyhood is chronicled and shows him as a lad whose early inventions and scientific experiments usually end up causing disastrous results.”

What made him different from others is that he kept going


It can be helpful to see entertainments about people who achieve great things and what they have to overcome to achieve them. So many people think that an idea comes to a great mind and it almost immediately becomes accepted by the public. Or, even more frustrating for the creator, the belief that idea should work on the first try. It rarely works that way.


I think that seeing as many plays or films that deal with inventors and creators of idea or art is a good thing for people. It helps us realize that we’re not losers. We’re in development! Once again one of my favorite lines in any play holds. It’s the Importance of Being Earnest. Jack (aka Earnest) says to Gwendolyn – “You are quite perfect Miss Fairfax.” – to which she replies: “Oh, I hope I am not that! It would leave no room for development and I intend to develop in many directions!



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