I’ve Come To Believe That Our Intuition Is Spirit Vibrating In Us.

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I’ve just lived through what has easily been the most scheduled and frenetic holiday season I’ve ever lived through! Was it GREAT? YES!

Should I have listened to the “Stay warm and slow down!” messages that were being sent to me from Spirit or The Universal Energy or whatever you may call it? You bet!

This can be a short post I’m sure that, whether you know it or not, you’ve experienced this in your life.  It’s simply about following your intuition. When I get one of those “I don’t know where it’s coming from message to do something” I should know by now to do it. I’m willing to sound Woo Woo and say that I think that’s how what we call God communicates to us. We were born with brains that can learn things and sometimes we bury things we already know by thinking of all the other possible actions we can take. We “think” we’re being smart by analyzing and analyzing – when we already have the necessary knowledge in us.

I was leaving at 5AM – yes, 5AM – to head to The Metropolitan Room for it’s incredible Guinness World Record Breaking Cabaret round up. I’d been there the morning before, at the same time, to see my son David F. Slone, Esq, perform and I performed the day before that at noon and I was there the day before I performed, for the opening of the 60 hour show! What made Sunday different was that is was raining slightly and due to rain very hard later in the day. They did forecast, however, that it was warming up and was due to reach 64 degrees! This was January 4th. I’m much more comfortable in my sandals than in boots so I chose to wear them, with the silk knee socks I usually wear. The difference in my choice was that I decided to wear my rubber Yeohlee raincoat, even though I knew it wasn’t as warm as my coat. It wasn’t as heavy to old up in the chair at the club. I knew I needed to be at Unity at 11AM as it was my day to give the spiritual reading.

When a dear & successful young woman, who I can call my friend, asked me join her for a bite after the service something inside of me said, “Get home and get out of the wet socks and get under the covers!” I didn’t listen and ended up with the first cold I’ve had in a long time. It seemed to start “going around” like mad. I think had I been warm and dry enough I wouldn’t have succumbed to it.

It was that simple!


           Bobbie Horowitz Productions, Inc.


Intuition Is a Great Guide For Creating Entertainment! 

I’ve been watching how the owner of one of a NY cabaret gets great things done. He gets and idea and see’s if it “gets” him and goes with it. The attendance at the club has been increasing due to the “seeming” chances he’s taken. The club, The Metropolitan Room, has been getting lots of positive attention. Both the owner, Bernie Furshpan, and his wife Joanne seem to think things out – and follow their gut when thinking.

I truly believe I’m learning to listen to my inner self these days when deciding on projects. As soon as I felt passionate about creating the cabaret series that will be announced shortly (I’not dodging. I have the dates and as soon as I have the participant’s set for the first show, which will be in April, I promise you’ll get all the information – whether you’re seeking it or not. (I’m sure you understand that it takes marketing to fill a room.) When you have a show people want the room will fill. Of course you want it to be the highest quality possible and fulfill your life’s mission in some way.

The moment I started working on this project things seemed to magically fall into my lap! I’m in the ‘Who wouldda thunk!” stage and it’s wonderful.

I’d say follow your instinct when choosing an entertainment piece to attend. I bet you’ll get a lot out of it.

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