Woa! Yet, Another Lesson Saying, “Listen To Your “Intuition” Literally Hit Me!

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This lesson is knocking me out. Well…I thank the heavens it didn’t really knock me out – but it did wham me in the face!

I was sensing to be careful the day before yesterday. I mean “over the top careful” in terms of hurting myself. I don’t often get these feelings this strongly.

I stepped out of my apartment building to head to an appointment with my dentist for a routine cleaning. The moment I stepped onto the street I automatically stopped and dialed my dentist to see if I could possibly reschedule the appointment. I’ve never done anything like this before! The street didn’t look that bad and it wasn’t really raining – just a bit damp and the snow which had been on the deep side was well shoveled into the street – BUT – the sidewalk felt like an ice skating rink.

I found out that I wasn’t the only cancellation and my dentist sad she almost didn’t make it.

That night I had to visit a friend for a condolence call. She lives on the same avenue I do, just a bit north of me and I usually just take the Frist Avenue bus up to her and walk down her street. Going home I walk one avenue block and catch the downtown bus home. I got to my corner and my hand, seemingly automatically, reached out to hail a taxi. My intuition told me that I’d get hurt if I tried to walk. The street wasn’t quite as slippery as it was in the morning – BUT – intuition said, “Be safe!”?

I must have been sensing something because ‘Don’t ya know?” last night I went to an event at a club. I took public transportation and it wasn’t slippery at all. Enjoyed the event and – as I was leaving the club -I thought the glass door leading out was open. I ran out because a lovely lady was waiting outside and she’d offered me a ride to my home. There’s a vision of an open door that I get whenever I leave that club. There must be a reflection of the doorframe on the wall outside that looks like the door is open wide. Others have agreed with me that it looks like the door is open. Well… I slammed my face right into that glass door! I banged my lip quite hard. Thankfully, I had no major injuries and they were able to give me ice in a bag to put on my lip.

Guess what? I had exactly the same accident, with the same result, in the same club about three years ago! Next time my intuition tells me to be careful I’ll follow a cautious path for about a week or more.

Please listen ro your intuition. That kind of “Watch out kid!” message isn’t “fear”. I’m convinced it’s our intuition talking to us.



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Intuition Is a Great Guide For which Entertainments To Attend


In my last blog post I spoke about following your intuition when creating entertainment. I’ve been following my own advice relating to creating and marketing my new monthly cabaret series, “It’s Just a Number”, which will play at The Metropolitan Room. I’m feeling great vibes from people who are interested in it.

I’ve also been following my intuition re choosing witch entertainments to see and I’ve never had a better time and a more life enriching time.

I advise you to quiet down and think of which publications or newscasts, etc. to read and watch to see what’s playing in town. Trust your instincts and feel you have to go to one just to please a friend.

If it behooves you to attend for other reasons than being entertained then consider whether your reasons are important enough to have you commit to the event and then decide.

Again, at the risk of sounding “Woo Woo”, listening to that “inner voice” when I say “May I have a ticket please?” had been making a huge difference for me. I try not to ”think” too hard about it. Granted I’m in “the biz”, but I’ve found myself running around like a mad man and now I seem to meet the people I want to who both uplift my spirit AND lead me to other beneficial people and projects,


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Monthly Entertainment Tip

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  1. Great blog Bobbie. Enjoyed reading it!

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