Finally Learning That There Are No BAD Situations. “BAD” Is In My Head

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It’s taken me just short of ¾ of a century to learn that what makes a situation “bad”, or more accurately, “frightening” is what’s in my head. If every situation seemed “good’ I’d have nothing to learn. I’m learning that I sometimes have to learn certain things over and over.


More and more I’m sounding like “The Worldly Philosophers” we studied at Cornell. I’m realizing that our planet, certainly our species, isn’t very old. To us, the length of time humans have been on this planet – or certainly, the number of years this planet is said to have existed, is huge. However, I have a feeling that if we could see the entirety of everything – we haven’t been around all that long.


I needed to learn the following to stay healthy! What I finally realized is that there is a difference between being terrified of a situation and being concerned about it. When I’m terrified, I’m not living in reality. The “fear” is in my head. I now see a difference between the term “fear” and the term “concern”. Maybe, this is just my interpretation of the word meanings. However, it’s been helping me to differentiate between the two and turning my “fears” into “concerns” about the situation in question allowed me to take actions that helped me. Then I can use my ”intuition” to come up with ways of handling the situation. For example, if I’m afraid that something is going to hurt me I may just hide from it. When I’m “concerned” about the same situation I’ll look at it, analyze it and figure out what steps need to be taken, by relaxing and allowing my intuition to speak to me. I’ve been finding ways to alleviate situations I used to be afraid of. Instead of running away from the situation, I take a deep breath, sit down and consider different steps that I can take to turn the situation around.

Lately I’m finding that I’m able to handle and even turn around situations I used to run from. Things like “not enough time” to do the job have been transformed into finding ways f getting the job done in a different way than I had in the past. I’ve actually delegated a few tasks I used to feel I had to take on myself.


“It’s Just a Number”, my new monthly cabaret series, opens at The Metropolitan Room on April 11th. I had a speaking engagement booked this week (which turned out to be very successful and gratifying), I realized that Passover was coming up and I, traditionally, give the second Seder for my son and for friends. This year the second Seder happens to fall on April 4th, my son’s birthday! March is also Cabaret Month in NYC and the MAC Awards are on March 26th. I (thankfully) am nominated for a MAC Award for the revue of my songs and this is a category in which the winner performs at the show when announced the winner at the show. A rehearsal needs to happen the week before the awards show, at an hour designated by the MAC committee. That was today. On top of all this I’m scheduled to have eye surgery on April 28th. I’ll, thankfully, have a cataract removed from my right eye, Seeing has become a strain. I also need to have many physical tests taken within 30 days of the surgery.


It’s a lot! However this year, instead of panicking as I might have in the past, I’m sitting down and planning it out and seeing what activities I might leave out. Each time I began getting nervous – and I did get nervous – I’d quietly pare down my day’s activities and not feel I needed to please everyone at every moment, That’s a “Biggie” for me, I have a feeling many of you could learn from this. Know that you’re still good; even if you can’t please everyone else at every moment.



           Bobbie Horowitz Productions, Inc.



I’ve been watching how the owner of one of a NY cabaret gets great things done. He gets and idea and see’s if it “gets” him and goes with it. The attendance at the club has been increasing due to the “seeming” chances he’s taken. The club, The Metropolitan Room, has been getting lots of positive attention. The owner, Bernie Furshpan, and his wife Joanne both seem to think things out. They handle concerns that come up – and follow their gut when with them.


I truly believe I’m learning to listen to my inner self these days when deciding on projects. As soon as I felt passionate about creating my cabaret series, “It’s Just a Number! “ that will commence on April 11th, I began casting the shows and marketing. (I’m sure you understand that it takes marketing to fill a room.) When you have a show people want the room will fill. Of course, you want it to be the highest quality possible and fulfill your life’s mission in some way.


The moment I started working on this project things seemed to magically fall into my lap! I’m in the ‘Who wouldda thunk!” stage and it’s wonderful.


I’d say follow your intuition when choosing an entertainment piece to attend. I bet you’ll get a lot out of it.



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  1. Good one Bobbie. Good luck with everything.

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  2. The subtle but important difference does make a big deal. Great insight. It is nice to take note of little improvements we make along the way! Thanks for sharing the info about the cabaret series.

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