If We Learned To Succeed at Something Once – We Can Re-Learn How To Again.


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This is a quickie. This holds for both of the usual two sections of my usual blog posts. I apologize for being delinquent with this post. I originally committed to writing a post every other week.

Since I began working on my “It’s Just a Number!”, monthly cabaret series, I find my time became scarcer. Here I am, yet again in my life, working on Time Management! I studied it as an undergraduate at The Labor Relations School at Cornell. I also studied it for various projects I was involved in. Time to go back to my old notes.   What I’m definitely learning today is that I (we) can always Re-Learn. Plus – the world comes up with different products ofr us to ue and new ideas from brilliant scholars on how to best plan time. I’ve gone through this process many times. It’s worth it.


I’m committed to condensing the process this time.

Once again – the big thing that immediately comes to mind for me is:

“Who is this action or project serving?”

  • Me?
  • A group I want to help?
  • A person I want to help?
  • A loved family member?
  • A good friend?
  • A person who might get mad at me if I don’t do it?
  • Something I think I “should” do?


The first tasks I would cross off my list are those I’m working at because someone will be angry at me if I don’t do them.

Okay – if their anger will make me lose accomplishing something I’m working at to help a group I care about or a loved one – I can do it. Where it falls on the list depends on how much I stand to lose from not doing it.


The “Something I Should Do” list gets erased immediately.

It’s amazing how much time immediately frees up for me!

The item’s that are there to “Serve Me” go on top of the list.


Wow! Look at that! I just did that and my blog post is written!


I agree that I’m not going into the depth that Dale Carnegie does in his books on Time Management. However, these few steps took a huge burden from my day’s activities.



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  1. What a great way to cut the tasks that don’t satisfy our soul anyways!

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