When you were in school did you have a teacher who would say, “Keep your shoulders back! Push your shoulder blades together?” Mine would then say “You mustn’t slouch!” I remember that happening in Gym class at Bensonhurst Jr. High School.


I also remember my aunt (who shall remain nameless) saying you mustn’t be a show off. Stop standing like a show off!   Wow! My aunt was a wonderful woman and I loved her. However, I now realize that she was misinformed about certain things. I don’t know where she got that idea. Her brother was the biggest help any young person could hope for. I now realize that I had to deal with conflicting messages on the subject of posture.


To make matters worse, I was one of the tall kids in my co-ed class. When we hit the pre-teen years the girls didn’t want to be taller than the boys. The boys must have been taught to seek girls who were shorter than they were.



Given my aunt’s “show off !” critique and the boys not wanting to dance with me because I was taller than they were, I learned to slouch. My best friend Judy was also tall so we practiced slouching together. I mean it! We, actually, practiced slouching!


I’m so thankful for my friend and fellow certified image consultant, Marla Tomazin. We met for lunch a couple of weeks ago and she told me how well I looked and kindly advised me that I’d look even greater if I pushed my shoulder blades back. Marla looks GREAT too. My mind went back to Jr. High and my mind decided to listen to my teacher! For some reason when I pushed my shoulder blades back this time I felt GREAT. I felt more powerful and able to achieve my goals.


I’ve been working on pressing my shoulder blades back and together since we had lunch that day. I’m getting so many compliments on my style and look now! People always said I dressed well, but now it’s more about me and not my clothes. I I often got compliments about my clothes in the past because I’m trained in that area and because I love people to look like the best themselves they can be! I teach them to choose clothes – that help “who they truly are” stand out. I’m about them! Now the compliments I’m getting are about me more than my clothes!


The simple act of pushing my shoulder blades back and together (like my teacher taught me to do way back in the early 1950s) is making a huge difference in the way I feel and act – and in the way I look.


So – SHOULDER BLADES BACK AND TOGETHER! At least as together as you can get them at this point of your life. Keep at it and your posture can improve. I’m blessed to be in good shape because I concentrate on that everyday. YOU can start concentrating on that now – if you haven’t been.


My Free May Monthly Image Tip – on covers the same topic.

Cheers to you!




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  1. Also great advice for all the people using technology with hunched shoulders.

  2. You’re so right. I should have mentioned what a toll that can take. It can break a good habit for people who had usually been sure to sit straight.

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