I Now See That “Mercury in Retrograde” Has Great Positive Lessons For Me!

Astrologers – please don’t think I’m trying to market astrology advice to my readers. I surely don’t know all the points to be learned. I find I’ve been getting a lot out of the emails I’m getting from an Astrology source I’ve subscribed to.

I’ll be happy to share the source if you contact me.

What I’m talking about in this post is something positive I got after reading the info I received from the astrologer I subscribed to. Wonderful Barbara Van Deist, who I continue to feel lives on, once gave me this idea years ago and I forgot about it. I’m just really putting it to use now.

It’s hard not to hear about Astrology in the 21st Century.

During my teenage years in the 1950s, when I mentioned Astrology, most people would look at me as though I was nuts. (Thankfully, my close friends were curious about almost everything – and shared my interest.)

Most people shudder when they speak about Mercury (meaning the planet) being in retrograde. Retrograde implies that Mercury is moving backwards or against us and that good things are being pulled from us. Mercury is smaller than Earth and it’s the planet that’s closest to our Sun.

I’d hear fearful thoughts that Mercury is going “against us” during Retrograde periods. Two weeks ago I read about Mercury going into Retrograde on May 18th and coming out June 9th. “OH NO!”, I thought. My next “It’s Just a Number!” show at The Metropolitan Room is on May 27th! That’s right in the middle of Retrograde!

Then BANG my mind opened! I was born in Gemini and I‘m comfortable with thinking about Gemini. I quieted down for a minute and Barbara Van Deist’s wise observation flew into my brain! I took Barbara on one of the few rides she ever took on a New York City subway – when she visited me. We were on a local train going downtown when WHOOSH an Express train went flying past us. She grabbed my arm and yelled “Woa! It feels like we just got catapulted backwards!” If you’re a New Yorker, you know what I’m talking about. It can happen on a highway when your lane is slowed down and the cars in the lanes next to you are moving ahead at full speed. You’re not going backwards. You just feel as though you are.

I finally hit me that quieting down is what it’s all about! Mercury isn’t going in the other direction when it’s in Retrograde! It just SEEMS as though it is. The perception gets a bit distorted because it’s travelling more quickly that Earth is. So it’s pulling energy more quickly and we may have a distorted view of what’s happening and feel like our energy is flying off to nowhere. The point is not to make a decision based on what “seems” to be going on.

Don’t make decisions based on what people may be telling you or complaining about. Just relax and, perhaps, make a note of the messages you’re being given and know you can look at them later to evaluate them and see if there’s any truth in them.

Once again, I thank you Barbara VanDiest! I know that my show on May 27th will be just great and the performers and I will be there to make our honoree feel great and our audience have a good time. . The Gemini twins imply fun and creativity. We don’t have to worry about Mars speeding ahead.

Whatever you sign, you don’t have to worry about being on the Local while Mercury is going express. Not having a reaction to what others may appear to be saying about me not moving quickly enough in my life might add years to my life.



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