No Need To Beat Yourself Up When You Make “Mistake”


I know I wrote about forgiving yourself for making errors a few years ago. I feel compelled to repeat the idea again because I just sent an email back to a young woman I now consider family. My son, David, considers her family too.


Noora is a lovely natured, physically beautiful and well-educated woman whom I very well might never have known were it not for a mistake I made some years ago.


It was a silly error and I guess it could have caused real damage – but it didn’t and it allowed my to meet Noora. Please understand that I’m in no way trying to tell you not to be careful. I’m merely telling you to forgive yourself when an error occurs. (I’ll add that if it is a dangerous error, at least you can use it to learn from so that it doesn’t happen again.) In this case I was under the hair dryer and didn’t realize the water was streaming in my sink. I got a call from the building concierge that the girl in the apartment below mine called and said water was leaking through her ceiling! It was stopped and I made sure my faucet was thoroughly closed. The next day I gave the concierge a not for the apartment below mine asking if I could take them to dinner to make up for any discomfort I may have caused them.


I was told the Iraqi Mission to the UN owned the apartment beneath mine. Uh Oh! Could they have thought that because my name is “Horowitz” I may have wanted to cause trouble? I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Were it not for the leak I might not have befriended wonderful Noora who worked for the mission for five years. I learned that the people who worked there were lovely and I became committed to letting the world know that we can all be friends. A few people like to cause trouble because they’re afraid that if “the other guy has it” they won’t. That isn’t true of anyone I’ve since met who words with the UN.


The lesson learned is “don’t be hard on yourself. Be careful – but don’t beat yourself up if a mistake happens.”


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