I’m Hearing The Universe Talk To Me & It’s Helping Me!

I’m going to admit to you that I’ve just begun incorporating this thought and the concepts it contains into a book and, hopefully, a musical. Many of the songs have already been written by myself and me with David Friedman, “Spector” (Sharon Schapow) and John Meyer.. Of course, I’ll get permission from my co-writers first.

I’d be walking down the street and something unbelievably great and usually unexpected would happen – and my mind would say “the Universe knows what you need”. These aren’t the exact works I keep hearing, but I’d rather keep those quiet until the piece, which I’ll be working on as soon as my book, “Fit & Fabulous From Fifty Forward” is out there, which should be in a month or so. I’m scheduled to do a book signing in Florida in September.

After the third time my mind told me: “You’ll get what you ask for, if the Universe thinks you need it “- (three is so often the number that brings reality into my head) I realized what was being communicated to me. I was getting: “You’ll get what you want in life Bobbie. Ask for it and you’ll get it- AND -guess what? Even if you don’t think asking would help; ask and you’ll get it – IF what you’re asking for will help you.

I’m finally getting that when I ask for something that won’t really help me – I won’t get it.

I “got” that “God” is watching out for me. I may have written a post like this before. The difference this time is that I, finally, believe it.

The things that have been happening lately have to do with me getting to where I want to go. I mean things like the elevator coming to the floor I’m at in record time, if it’s not there already when I step in from of it – or the bus I need coming quickly, even though the same bus had just stopped at the stop I’m at and I was resolved not to kill myself as I waited for twenty minutes or more for the next bus.

There have been major, what I’ve come to call them, “traffic days” in New York City this summer. I fear I’ll be late and then I remember to say to myself: “Talk to me God. Please let me know if I really need to be where I’m going. Every time turned out that it was truly important for me to be at a place at a certain time I made to that place on time! I’ve been a time nut since childhood. My dad was a time nut and he taught me to be. I realize I have to concentrate on not making others crazy with my time concerns. However, it does make people I need to meet very happy that I meet them on time.

I’m also asking God to talk to me about choosing different business deals and people to work with. When I feel a slight worry something happens that I’m sometimes not even aware of and the choice I make works out.

At the risk of sounding totally off the wall, I have a feeling that this is how the cells in our body work. They want to work on our behalf so they stay alive as long as possible. We’re probably God to the cells in our body and we’re probably much like cells in what we’ve come to call God.

It makes me want to go back to school to learn the new ways we can look at “causal effects”. I hear these ideas mentioned by Quantum Physicists.

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  1. Very nice blog Bobby. Hope all is well. XO. Felicia

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