I Thought I’d Hate It…&…I Think……I’m Liking It!!!

First – please allow me to apologize for being so late putting this blog up. My book was just published and came from the printer. It’s a very exciting time – and it does take concentration. My book is “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” Being as fit and as healthy as is possible for you – has a lot do with the image you project. Hmmm…when you read this you’ll see how Image does permeate the planet.

I’ve LOVED where I live since I bought this apartment just before 9/11. That was in 2001. I’ve loved it for fourteen years now.

I see the sad look on the face of almost everyone I tell about the construction that’s taking place on the street directly south of the street I live on. I had that sad look when the scaffolds were going up and I realized the amount of water view I’d lose.

I admit that it does feel odd to go up on the building’s roof deck that faces east (we have two roof decks – the other faces west) and not see Stuyvesant Town and the curve Manhattan takes just above that. Just yesterday I went on the roof deck that faces west and saw that a good bit of the financial district will now be blocked from my view. I guess you can tell that one of the main draws of my building has ben the views of Manhattan and Queens and Brooklyn. The Queens view will remain basically the same.

Here’s the odd part:

When I decided to find the benefits of having the set of two buildings that are being built across the street – I realized that I like them! They have a lot of pizzazz and aren’t exactly like any others I’ve seen. My building’s new lobby design catches them in mirrors along with the trees in the park across the street and The Empire State and it’s exciting to m eyes. I love the shiny copper color of these buildings and I think they’ll bring more stores, etc. to the block.

They send out an image that coordinates with the image the neighborhood already has. I know how important IMAGE is.

I truly feel that VISUALS and SOUNDS really affect people’s brains and that lets their vibration travel into people’s hearts.

What I realized most is that I’ve learned from this experience to not judge too quickly. Things that seem as though they’ll cause a loss may not. Sure I won’t see the gorgeous lit up Williamsburg Bridge at night …but these buildings bring out a new good feeling in me.

I won’t judge so quickly in the future. It’s all about image. Just like I teach in my “Dress to Get YES!” workshops. When it fits it fits!

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  1. A great lesson in shifting your perspective. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thank you, Dee!

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