What Prompted Me To Write Fit & Fabulous From Fifty Forward?

In my late 50s I put on 40 pounds and was diagnosed with several medical conditions. Two required surgery in addition to medication. I was in pain every time I walked down stairs or had to lift anything.


Thankfully, I “got” that I needed to change my thinking if I wanted to change the state of my body! Thankfully, I was introduced to Spiritual Coach/Reiki Master, Barbara Van Diest. She “knew” that I could be in better physical shape. I didn’t know to what extent I could rid myself of pain, but I knew if I made no changes the pain would remain.


I did “tons” of research and devised a daily plan for myself. I became healthy, pain free, prescription free and I dropped the 40 pounds!   I learned that strides were being made in updating our knowledge about many conditions. I met with and questioned as many practitioners as I could and greatly increased my knowledge of how to deal with my physical challenges. I learned that the “uterine cancer” I was diagnosed with, probably wasn’t cancer and I probably hadn’t needed the radical hysterectomy! I thank heaven I’ve become less accepting of diagnoses I’m given – until I’ve done my research.


A major thing I learned is that our bodies are not all the same! We each need to learn our body’s needs!


I was surprised that so many people were going through what I did – and had they had no idea they might not have to go through it! It never occurred to them to research alternative actions. They didn’t dare question their doctors and/or seek other advice.


People who knew me before I’d gotten fit would run over and say things like: “Wow! No cane! You’re bouncin’ down the street! What did ya do Bobbie? “


I felt I had no choice but to share how I’d found help and how I created a way for myself to find and follow paths that helped me and how I created a daily plan I stuck with because I had so much FUN following it! Several asked me, “What plan? Fun!?” Then they’d ask, “Could you help me?” Could I say, no?


So – I developed a system for coaching small groups, which turned out to work very well.


It worked well for all age groups. Most attendees were over fifty and I’ve become concerned for higher aged people. I want to do what I can to take away excuses some businesses and groups use for letting older people go – i.e., they can’t work well, they tire quickly, always need sick leave, their minds go, etc.


My workshops stressed that it’s never too late for us to improve our physical condition and how we view ourselves! This pleased my younger enrollees too.


Do some infectious diseases still live on Earth? Yes. Would I take medication, if necessary to stay alive? You bet! However, I’ve learned to VALUE MYSELF enough to keep learning questions to ask before jumping into a regimen that might not be the best for me.


People who couldn’t get to my seminars started asking me to explain what I was doing that was working so well for their relatives!


The light dawned! “Bobbie, write the book! That way you can help many, many more people!


Please know I’m continually learning!

I’ll share new findings in future blog posts.


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