My Own Personal Journey Back to Health and Vitality

I never thought I’d be writing this when I was in my late 50s and mid 60s! I felt like I was planning a way to “get through” a few more years, of life.

As a kid I always felt too plump. Although, when I look at pictures – I see I wasn’t as heavy as I’d thought. Many of us don’t see ourselves as the wonderful beings we are! My parents meant well, but I was often fed what wasn’t the best for me. In the 40s they couldn’t know that meat wasn’t my best.

By 1968 through the mid 80s I knew I was borderline Anorexic. I was married from ’64 -’78. My husband feared his wife would become fat, especially when pregnant. That wasn’t unusual thinking then.

During the mid 70s I was involved in theater and took diet pills my husband got them from a pharmacist friend. When I divorced I got employed producing events in major NYC discos and often hosted these events. This, certainly, wasn’t conducive to health! I produced in the discos because relatives of the owners of Studio 54 and Magique, were good people I’d known for years. Steve Rubell’s brother was my Cornell classmate (and later my doctor). That’s a book in itself!

I’d race through the day: walking my precious son to school at 8:30AM; then rush to prepare for the night’s events and prepare my son’s dinner before picking him up from school at 3PM! I’d serve him dinner, let his sitter into the apartment and dash off to that night’s club, where I’d have a couple of drinks to help keep the VIP room buying drinks, etc. – and get home after 2AM! When my son turned about 12 years old – I’d let him join me at a disco for an hour a couple of nights a week and I’d cab him home, tuck him in by 11PM and cab back to the club!

I thank heaven that I totally avoided taking drugs or smoking pot! After two or three years of this lifestyle I realized I couldn’t continue and be mother I wanted to be.

I’m telling you about this time of my life so you can see that, in addition to anything we inherit, some of us open ourselves physical problems. I mentioned some of the conditions I had in my last post. I think they give you an idea of where my health went.

I was preparing for the end BUT:
*By 2008 I was off medication, weighed 126 lbs., walked briskly for a minimum of 30 blocks every day, had no stomach aches and had donated my cane to a theater company’s prop department. By 2011 my bone density was normal.

It began with my adhering to eating food that benefitted my Blood Type. Then I learned that certain exercises were better for me than others and found a trainer who understood that. I realized if there were new findings in those areas, I’d research every area that had affected me.

I learned to stop thinking about the whole task ahead of me! That whole task would have been too much!

I’d plan simple things to do each day and “Think about today only” –and discovered that I (and you) can make each day FUN! FUN got me on track – and kept me on my path to health. It fells like no effort now!

I’m not giving away how the FUN idea started! You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Love YOU!

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  1. This was fascinating reading. It brought back many memories.

  2. Thanks Bobbie. Great blog. XO. Felicia

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