The Message I Want Readers To Take Away – As a Result of Reading “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward”

Firstly, I want my readers to be wearing a smile as they finish reading my book – and while they’re reading it too.


If they began reading the book with apprehension about their ability to possibly achieve the goals they need to achieve to have their body reach it’s highest possible level of health and fitness, I want them to be able to take a deep breath and feel more relaxed, knowing that this is a possibility for them.


I want my readers to relax and know that designing their personal plan to live the rest of their life as fit as they can possibly be may take some time – and, that said, they will find it – and they can have fun during the process. With the methodology I give to go about designing their personal daily “get to do’s”, which will lead them to becoming their fittest possible self, they learn that they can revise and revise their plan until it’s working for them. They don’t have to “get it right” on the first day. They will get to know which foods are best for them and they’ll learn that certain foods help them in specific ways, eg., increase their brain function. Each revision comes from an “aha!” they’ll get each week as they take steps based on research I guide them to do. The daily plan each reader designs for him/herself will include things he or she likes to do. Beginning to see results is a big kick and will keep the reader sticking with it!


At the beginning the reader is in the process of finding his/her path. If they follow the steps they design, based on the information they’re given and the questions they’re taught to ask, they WILL find it. I also want them to know that they’ll be guided to find ways to make their path FUN for them to follow.



My readers will learn that they may be able to cure certain physical conditions they hadn’t realized they could cure through what they eat and how they exercise.


I also want my readers to see that once they’ve handled the issue that has been most prominent in their mind, there may be other physical issues they didn’t even realize they had – that become improved, if not totally cured, by the process of following their daily “get to dos”


Best of all, I want them to enjoy realizing that becoming and remaining as fit as they can possibly be is much simpler and more enjoyable than they’d thought it would be.


It surprised me that getting and staying fit turned out to be an enjoyable process – that I, actually, enjoy sticking with. The people who participated in my workshops were grateful that they enjoyed the process too. I have many testimonials from them.


I want my readers to happily say, “I can do this!”



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