Seven Tips To Healthy Aging

I’ve geared the book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward” to the older generations because many people in my age group and older (and even younger) – don’t realize that it’s possible to be “fit and fabulous” after living for several years. I want to be clear that humans of all ages, including teens, will benefit from learning the tips I had to learn.

The book is a series of tips. Following the tips I had to learn when I made up my mind to restore my fitness, led me to realize that this isn’t half as tough as most of us are taught it is!” I learned that getting fit is, actually, much simpler than I’d been taught it would be. What can be complicated – and it’s only complicated for many of us because our minds haven’t been conditioned to do it – is believing that it is possible for us to do it.

Tip # 1: Learn to tell yourself you can get and stay fit.

Tip # 2: Find people who are also telling themselves they can do it and hang around with them. Positive thinking is your number one help. It will keep you going when things don’t seem to be working out.

Tip # 3: Go for yearly (or whatever time spans are recommended in each area) check-ups for each area of health. Then check out the results you get from your check ups. This is more fully explained in the book.

Tip #4: Look for the latest articles on health and fitness. Look for any new knowledge that might have been found in any area that might be causing you concern.

Tip #5: Look for new knowledge that might have been discovered in areas of health that aren’t of concern to you right now. As Tom Lehrer wrote in his wonderful song: “Be Prepared”.
Tom Lehrer was my inspiration for writing comical songs.

Tip #6: While humans don’t appear to be designed to live forever,
we were, most likely given life to provide some good in the
universe. Knowing that you’re meant to be healthy will help
you find what’s needed for you to be and stay as healthy as
as possible.

Tip#7: If you don’t live in the NYC area where I’ll be giving Fit & Fab workshops (for all ages) find a few positive people who want to be as fit as possible and form a support team. Each member of the team should read “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward” before the first gathering. A weekly gathering for six weeks seems to work well. Then the group can meet once a month for a couple of months and everyone should have their daily “Get To Do” list. The group can then correspond by email with occasional meetings.

Please contact me if you have questions.

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