Whatever Your Age – A Day Off From Work Serves a Purpose

I can use myself, yet again, as an example that can help you. I realized that taking a day or two off (in my case an evening or two off) every once in awhile is important and shouldn’t be forgotten even if you work from home or are retired.


I majored in Labor Relations at Cornell University and in class we discussed how the Unions negotiated mandatory days off per workweek to foster family togetherness and serve to help maintain the health of employees and allow them to be more efficient workers.


I was just reminded of the importance of time off! I see how much I benefitted from taking a night to stay at home. I stayed home last night and I’m giving myself another evening at home tonight.


While I haven’t gotten ill in a long time, I’ll admit to you that I’m rediscovering the benefits from – actually, the necessity for – “laying low” for a couple of nights a week. My mind was so much sharper today than it has been. No one would say I’m demented, but I can tell how much more quickly I was able organize my work today.


I’m in the world of Entertainment as well as the world of Image Consulting and Fitness Advising. I’m also active with a couple of not-for-profit groups. I find I’ve been running out to friend’s cabaret shows or Broadway shows, etc., or meetings and other events just about every night! I’m also planning to have “Fit and Fab” coaching groups at one or more nights a week.


On the plus side, being physically and mentally active has helped to keep me vital and exuberant. On the other hand – no time on my own to work on my own projects, without having to race somewhere and no time to just watch a TV show, can slow down my thinking process.


I stayed home last night – and – I’m staying home tonight! I woke up with more energy than even I (I’m energetic) have felt in a long time AND, so far I’ve accomplished more today than I’ve accomplished in one day in a long time!


Yesterday’s evening at home gave me time to work on a song that I’ve felt guilty about not completing and time to organize what will happen in my next show. This morning when I left to attend the reading of a new musical my dear friend is working on getting produced I didn’t feel harried trying to get to the reading on time and even had time to have lunch with a wonderful couple involved with the show. Since returning home this afternoon I’ve been able to book things I needed to, have a couple of phone meetings and to write this blog post without feeling one bit harried. I may also be able to get a lot completed for an article about my book that a magazine just requested of me.


At any age you deserve to give yourself some time off! Does this mean that you should stay home all the time and not be with people? In next week’s blog post I’ll mention this.

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  1. Such a good message — but how sad we need to reminded.Once upon a time, we gave ourselves a weekend to unwind. Millennia ago, Shabbat was commanded as a day to suspend our labors. We have never stopped needing regular time off, but modern life seems to imply that inactivity has little value. Are not the bare trees and withered flowerbeds of winter a reminder that even powerful Mother Nature needs a restorative nap before resuming her glorious work?

    • Dear Wendi – You got it! We used to always talk about the time off we take. When you’re in you won business there’s less time off – but…we still took a day a week!

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