Your Holiday Gift of Questioning

When I really needed to get fit, I was blessed to have a spiritual coach, who became a close friend, Let me know that she was worried about me and worried about the direction my health was taking. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. It’s worth mentioning again, especially around the holiday season. This goes for men and women alike.



In my post of November 20th , I let you know that my experience of learning to research and question paid off! Now – at age 75 – I take NO medication, I walk a minimum of 30 blocks a day, I am at a good weight for my body, and I feel great! I’m thrilled that my experience got me to a point where I’m helping people get fit. Who woudda thought!


Are all doctors and diagnosticians wrong? Of course not! However, they’re not all correct. I learned the value of a “Second Opinion” and now I would add third and fourth Opinion. We now also have many studies we can look at on the Internet.


We have a gift we can give ourselves. We can do research before making out final decision. I’m glad to help by sharing any information I’ve gathered. I’ve done, what we used to call, ‘Tons of research!” So many new medical and scientific findings have been made in the last ten years that what we can look for has changed. Had my dad been born thirty years later (he was born in 1906) he may have lived, at least, ten years longer.


If you’ve been given any medical diagnoses, give yourself the Christmas gift of “checking it out!” If it turns out you do need treatment check out the results of treatments people have received from different medical professionals, involved with the condition you’ve been diagnosed with and then decide who you want to work with.


Disregard this advice if you already have a practitioner through whom several of your acquaintances had had great results with.



I’m now working on making sure finances last me at least another 30 years, because I fully expect to live that long. Ha Ha! This is a good concern! Yay!


Whatever your physical condition and age, the Holiday Season is a great time to start putting the idea in your mind that the new year 2016 will be your year for optimizing your fitness potential. I’m not talking about “perfection”. I’m talking about optimization.


We’ll talk about starting your plan or, if you already know how to keep your body in the best shape possible, we’ll also talk about helping someone close to you begin their positive physical transformation for 2016 in my next post.


If you’re on you can see how to obtain my book. It’s an inexpensive good guide. It worked for me and for the people I’ve been coaching. We’re each unique wonderful beings.


If you went to and clicked on Blog you went to www.revealthestaryoutrulyare. I post my blog on both sites. To order the book simply go to the above site:


I know it’s a great gift for the holidays, because designing my plan and then following it was a great gift to me.


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