Using Numerology to Help You Visualize Your 2016 Fitness Plan

When I was in my 40s I started being introduced to different “New Thought” ways of looking at the world. I must admit that I thought several of these visions were “woo woo”.

I’ve since realized that there are many of these thoughts are downright useful! There were many aspects of science that humankind hadn’t look at as science and they are beginning to be seen as useful tools. I now realize that numbers do bring forth certain reactions and energies.


I began accepting numerology as a possible help when I learned about the numbers associated with different colors on the color wheel. We studied the color wheel in my Image Consulting certification program. I now realize that each year has a “number” that can help me use that year’s energy to help myself. I believe that we should use anything that we discover has value to help ourselves.


We’re going into the year 2016. Happy New Year!

If you add the numbers in 2016 (2+0+1+6) you’ll see they add up to 9. 9 is the final number. We go back to 1 after 9. Numerology looks at single digits.


The number 9 stands for “completion”. How can you use thoughts of “completion” to help you with fitness if you’re just beginning your program? This question led me to stand back and look at how this number could help your fitness plan even if you’re just beginning.


Aha! These thoughts came to (I feel they were sent to) me:

  • You’ve completed however long you were “Iffing and Butting” about getting as fit as you can be I this lifetime.
  • You can make a goal of having you your plan complete and in “working order” this year.
  • You can think of setting up your plan and completing your research.
  • You can think of completing all the revisions that may be necessary as you develop the best plan for you.


Who knows? You may even complete your goals and achieve having your body be in its highest possible condition.


You might also b interested to know that the color BROWN is the color associated with the number 9. The color brown give the attention to the others you’re with, rather than putting the attention on you. Completion is giving forth what you have to contribute and once you’re on your way to being as fit at you can be.


This allows for your living with conditions you can’t possibly change – at least not with the knowledge the world has at this point. Understand that this doesn’t mean failure. Look at the conditions that Steve Jobs lived with. He died at 55 years old. Would you not consider your life as successful if you contributed what he did?


I do believe that the information we have now can help you heal many conditions that were thought to be incurable in the past.


Completing your plan and remaining on your road for health and well being and contributing your love and knowledge to the planet are great things to think of when you think of 2016.

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