Eating & Exercising The Right Way For My Body Is Keeping Me Warmer In Winter!

I used to freeze. I mean freeze to the point of hurting! I froze in the winter when I was a little kid. I would even freeze at the beach in the summer. Throughout the major portion of my life I was a warm hearted cold-bodied gal!


Yesterday – January 4th – was the first really freezing day in New York City this winter. I knew it was cold, yes…but it didn’t affect me all that much. I enjoyed my 14-block walk, back and forth from the supermarket, at 9:30 last night. It wasn’t quite as cold as it was at midnight, which was 18 degrees and they said it felt like 3 degrees.! At 9:30 it was probably around 25 degrees. People were feeling it even more because we’d had such a warm autumn.


When I was younger I would have been shaking and almost screaming when the temperature sunk to the 20s. Last night, dressed in a warm faux fur coat, I enjoyed the clear cold weather as I took my walk. I walked outdoors another 19 blocks between 5 and 6PM and loved it.


What is making me, at 75 years old, so much more able to take the cold temperatures? I’m quite sure it’s because I’m much healthier than I, probably, ever was! I didn’t think of myself as sickly when I was younger; but, now that I think of it, I would have several colds and sore throats each winter as a youngster and then throughout my 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and early 60s. It wasn’t until my mid-sixties that I began having fewer colds and, in most years – none. I haven’t come down with a real cold in a long while.


I dress warmly, but I always have dressed warmly in winter. The major differences between my actions then and now are:

I now know how to eat in a way that suits my body and

I now know how to exercise in a way that suits my body.


I’ve mentioned making peace with the word “routine” before – and I’ve discovered that following the routine I set up for myself that incorporates my eating and exercising well for MY body is a “biggie”. I did a lot of research to find what my best ways are and it was time fabulously spent!  Your way may not be my way.


Lately, I am happily finding that some of the drug companies are coming off the usual pitching medicine routine to keep you from catching winter colds. I give those that are seeking alternatives credit. I’m not saying that a pharmaceutical is never the best available means to cure a symptom you may have from an illness, however research has brought many other possibilities to the fore for many things you might find yourself experiencing. Medical research has come a very long way since I was young and more alternative means to health are being sought.


I’m thankful that eating what’s right for my body and doing the exercises that best suit it has had the effect of keeping my body warmer – not too hot in the summer – but, warmer in the winter!


Take heart – I have a strong feeling that you could feel warmer too.  I’m thrilled that I can help you find your way.


You can find most of what I’ve found out in my book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” You can get the book on my website of by emailing me that you want a copy.


I’m seeking space in mid-town Manhattan to hold weekly Fit & Fab Support Team gatherings and should find it very soon. We’ll meet for an hour and a half once a week for six weeks, then break and work on our own for six weeks and then gather again once-a-week for six weeks. This worked extremely well for the participants last year.

(I thought the loud part of the construction across the street from my building would have ended by now. However, it’s still fairly loud on some evenings – so I’m seeking another space. – I’ll let you know the moment I find it. )

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