Everything Is Part of Science

I’ve come to believe that everything has a vibration of a specific intensity and rhythm. If we had the equipment to measure every vibration we could give every vibration a number we could measure everything in the world scientifically.


I now see everything in the world as part of science. We may not have the words to describe certain things like “pure love” in scientific terms -YET. However, I’m certain that in time we will. So much is being uncovered by scientific research that in a few thousand years, probably much less time, we should be able to define our emotions, desires and joy in a scientific manner.


I started to notice this when I had to find a way to heal my body of extreme pain and breakdown. When I was in my early 60s I gave myself about another ten years to live. Thankfully, a wonderful spiritual coach, the late Barbara Van Diest, convinced me to believe that I could find new methods and restoring my body.


Of course, I’d been going to doctors, who were well respected in the scientific community, to find ways to heal myself. They instructed me to do what they knew to instruct people to do. In the late 50s and early 60s new research findings about the human body were transforming the way we looked at caring for the human body. I learned to listen to what each doctor had to say and then to check to see if any new information may have been found re the specific medication or action plan I was being told to use at that time.


I was pleased to learn that simply changing what I ate made a huge difference in my health and I though I’d been eating healthily. I was according to older information.


What I’ve recently discovered is I can see that the way I changed my thoughts about restoring my health was a large part of the reason I was able to restore it.   I don’t know if there is yet a way to measure thoughts scientifically. I am now 75 and I take no medicine. I would if it meant the difference between living and dying. However in my case I found I could live without pain by stopping taking medicine unless, after researching that medicine, I found out I’d die immediately if I stopped taking it. I also learned to change the way I eat to suit MY body and changing the exercises I do to suit MY body.


I believe I may have been wrongly given surgery for Uterine Cancer. I found this out when I was told – after having a Mammogram – that the results showed cancer was found in my left breast. When I went to have it checked with my oncologist, Daniel F. Roses at the NYU Langone Center I was told I had no cancer in that breast.


What I learned was to research. In researching I discovered that sensed that everything had a vibration and if I could recreate that vibration each time I thought about a topic I could sense the direction to go to do research that would help me find and answer to some challenge I was having. The challenges weren’t limited to health. The challenge could be finding the right word for a line in a song. Trying to sense the vibration of the specific life area I was questioning, be it musical or romantic or even financial, helped me settle my mind down to a state that allowed me to observe the need of the moment more clearly. This has led me to become very interested in the science of humans! I always thought of myself as the student who was an interested in the arts. Now I’ve discovered each art is a science.


I wish I’d taken more science courses at Cornell when I was an undergrad. I would suggest that all science majors take “arts” courses and look for the vibration in each song or painting and would suggest that all music, theater and literature majors takes courses in science, especially Quantum Theory.


I enjoy looking at the world as one piece – as a scientific creation that’s a work of art.

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