I Can Choose Whether or Not to Take On the Expressions I See In Other People’s Faces.

I’ve already mentioned how wonderful it is to not to be freezing cold in the winter (and other seasons) anymore. Becoming truly fit – fit in the way that was meant for my particular physical self – has made an amazing difference in my life. I always seemed to have energy, but it can get unfocused at times. I did manage to, continually, pull myself back into focus through my life, even when my physical self wasn’t in great shape. However, I think that was because I was terribly afraid of not being quite good enough. I knew I was passable; but – somewhere inside if me – not being “Number One” would mean I was a failure.


This doesn’t happen to me now, as often as I sense it happens to other people, however yesterday I found myself feeling sad while travelling back to my apartment from having done an errand. A feeling of “Who are you kidding, Bobbie? Do you really think you’re going to accomplish anything important in your life?” came over me.   At least I’m in an advanced enough spiritual state to sense when I’m having thoughts and feelings like this and be able to go “Woa! Why are you thinking these thoughts, Bobbie?! Let’s look at this!”


Note: my ability to go directly to: 1- noticing I’m having this feeling and 2- knowing I need to break it down into it’s major components and look at each to see what may have brought the negative thoughts – that led to the sad feeling – into my head (seemingly into my heart) and then figure out what occurred to make me feel what I was feeling – has taken years of practice!

Note also: Now I tell myself to remember to ask “What?” rather than “Why?” when feelings come upon me.


An example of this occurred yesterday evening. The sun was just beginning to lower in the western sky. My heart was feeling heavy. I was sad. I said to myself “Why am I feeling so sad?” Then I caught myself and said to myself, “Okay – what just happened to cause me to feel sad. I find that the angle at which the sun is traveling in the sky during different times of the year can affect my mood. People think of me as a joy filled person and I like to think of myself that way. But, perhaps when I was a child something I perceived as sad occurred during a time when the sun was at a certain angle. I now remember that I was taught that Autumn and Winter were sadder than Spring or Summer. Once again I’ll say that Oscar Hammerstein nailed it when he wrote “You’ve Got To Be Taught”!   AND – guess what? Most young people, in America at least, were taught the same thing!


Aha! I looked at the faces of the other people walking in the street. I hardly saw a smiling face. Most people looked worried or frustrated. The looks on their faces read to me like they were thinking, “How am I going to get through the rest of this day?!”   I was taking on the feelings I saw on their faces! I was interpreting what I was experiencing on the street as reflector of sad times. I think many people were taught to find a cold winter day when the sky was grey – sad! I was taking on what I witnessed on their faces. I now understand that I can reflect what I see happening with people around me. I’m not a licensed psychologist, but I bet many people also unknowingly reflect what they see around them.


As soon as I decided to send mental hugs to all the worried looking people in the street and realize I could go home and plan what I need to do and stop worrying about it I felt lighter and cheery and when I approached my building, a gentleman who lives there was coming out of the building, he smiled at me and said, “You are always smiling. It’s such a pleasure to always see your happy face!”

I was overjoyed and thought of the great song, “Grey skies are gonna clear up. Put on a happy face!”


I can choose not to reflect the feelings I see on faces around me. I can ask myself WHAT am I truly feeling? WHAT is making me sad now?



I know I always come back to this. Now that I’m healthy and fit I find it much easier to clear my mind of negativity. I feel good about this human called Bobbie – and I take care of her. Yay! YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU – In the way that’s healthiest for YOU and feel as good and happy as you possibly can at any age! If you’re reading my book ”Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” (Shh…it works when you’re 18 years old also.!) you know what I’m talking about and you can clear your mind of negativity too!

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