Learning to Laugh at Myself – and Relax!

I believe it’s important to note that we (I) can always keep learning. In my last post I mentioned that I’d spent much of my life in fear that I wasn’t quite good enough – that I wasn’t always Number One. It hit me today that in many ways I’ve thought I wasn’t being enough because I wasn’t DOING enough.   HELLO!


I must have finally “gotten” it that, at times, I’ve probably annoyed my family members and mostly driven myself crazy with my “Doing! Doing! Doing!” Today I could feel my mind shouting WHAT?! You’re being ridiculous Bobbie! Relax! This is making me smile now because I suddenly remember Saturday mornings listening to “Archie Andrews” on the radio. TV hadn’t been developed yet. I could hear Archie’s pal saying “Relax Archie! Relax!”


People who know me keep telling me they don’t know how I it: – how I’m at everyone’s show, how I always have birthday gifts for people, how I get the writing done, etc., etc., etc.


Lately I’ve been chiding myself for not taking time to write more new songs and for not taking time to contact all the groups around the country that cater to older members and getting these groups to book me to speak about my book “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!”


One great thing I learned by remembering the words “Relax Archie!” was that I was able to laugh at myself about it.


I finally quieted down and made a list of what I want to do in the next week. Having my paper planner in my hand helped me realize that even though I felt I needed to accomplish two things that would each take more or less three hours to accomplish each day (working on a song could take more) and that I, also, needed to eat three times during that day and, oh yes, sleep a bit too…and on many days buy food and…of course, see friend’s shows about three times a week (who was I kidding – more like 6 evenings a week minimum) and do the workout routine to make sure my body stays fit and, oh yes, get dressed and…wash my hair once a week…and…and…and…!!!!


There was no way any human I could think of who could accomplish everything I’d set up for myself. Guess what? Maybe, I didn’t have to do more than I’ve been doing my whole life!!!! My well-meaning dad would say things to lead me to believe I should be doing more. Of course, he always felt he should be doing more.

Guess what? I’ve been doing enough! (I can hear my dear college friend Billy saying: “Horowitz? You overdo everything!!!” and I’m giggling away! Thank you Billy!


It made me laugh and that made me hug myself and my breathing got steadier and – oh my! As a result of merely breathing more steadily, names I thought I’d forgotten are starting to come back into my mind. I thought my “beginning to get forgetful” had to do totally with brain health. Today I learned that being able to relax a bit helps my brain to function more healthily too!


I’m looking forward to seeing what happens today and this coming week and I’ll report my findings in my next post.

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  1. Great blog Bobbie.

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