Did I Say I Had To Learn To Laugh At Myself?!

Did I say I had to learn to laugh at myself? Boy! I wasn’t kidding.

It hit again last week, when I went on my chart for The Langone Physical Therapy Center – I love the work they do – and saw that once again, without being told beforehand I’m billed again! I was billed for more then either of the last billings – with no explanation what is was for -online. Luckily, I decided to call and I guess it’s OK – but I didn’t really need this desperately and I may not have chosen to go and do the exercises. I went so I could feel fine lifting dumb bells in my health club. We don’t have the same machines we used to.


I think you should be told if you’re going to be billed for each thing that’s done. On bill was for the X-Ray technician and (who knew this would be coming?!) suddenly another is noted on my Online Chart (oy – this chart is a time consumer – for me, not them ). When I called I found out it was for the equipment. Hello!


I have to laugh at myself for taking valuable time to get angry at this. I found out I didn’t need to have the online chart! They made it sound like it was necessary and like it made life easier. It makes life much more complicated for me.


Why I need to laugh is that I’ve been grateful to be going to The NYU Langone Center! It’s right around the corner from me and the people are lovely. The organization when you enter for an appointment leaves much to be desired, however. The billing online is unfathomable.


When I called they said I’d get a paper statement. That made sense to me.   I would like to see all possible billing matters given to patients BEFORE they choose to do whatever procedure they’re planning.


If I can do anything to make communications re medical issues simpler for people I would love to. Thankfully, I’m not really in pain. I just want to be able to do more arm exercises that are right for my body type. I’d hurt my shoulder a bit last year and although it’s practically healed I want it totally better.


What I DON’T NEED is to have to get aggravating about signing in and checking out and finding out about billing I wasn’t told might happen.


I thought I’d paid for everything already. I’m a good student. If I couldn’t “get it” I wonder how many others can’t get it either!

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  1. Bobbie,

    This has happened tp me several times. Very upsetting and amnoying. Last time with otolarynglogist for a hearing exam. Supposed to be no copay for annual hearing exam. Was billed $48.00 over and above my regular copay.

  2. Actually, when I found out what the billings were for (they were only $10and change each)it seemed fine. It’s the way it’s done these days that made me go “Wha!”. $10 was for using the Xray machine itself (or something like that) and the next $10 was for the technician. It’s all fine. It just didn’t make any sense to be the way it was written out. Plus, nobody ever said there would be any charge the than any copay that might be attached to it. I guess our country (planet?) is in development about figuring out how to handle medical care.

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