“I’m Thankful I Researched & Followed My Best Daily Plan for My Body I Surely Needed It These Past Few Weeks!”

I haven’t posted a blog for a few weeks now. This has been an unusual time for me and for many of my friends.   A very close friend made her transition last Saturday night. That was an especially active night. I, traditionally, hold the Second Seder at my home for my son. We invite several friends of all faiths to join us. Last Saturday night, as our guests left, one called to let me know he’d heard that our friend who had been taken to a hospice the week before had passed on! Another friend and I were planning a trip to the hospice the day after Seder to visit her. I saw her at the hospital the week before but didn’t get to be with her, other than on the phone, between my Tuesday before visit and my visit to her funeral service and burial this past Monday.

It’s all feeling a bit surreal to me. She was a few years younger than I am. I admit I’ve been concerned about the number of cigarettes she smoked for a long time.


A thought came into my mind today. I’m wondering if changing her diet, in some way, might have helped her reduce her addiction to smoking! I wish I had the whole answer for you now. I do commit to researching this idea this week. Why I’m very interested in this is – that as I learned more and more about eating correctly for my system – my addiction to “sweets” faded away.


Wow! It just hit me that until I was in my early 60’s I also loved lying in the sun (needed to be in the sun) for the warmth of it – as well as the mistaken thought that being sun burned was pretty(!) – and that I almost always felt cold and chilled. When I shifted my thoughts on the advise I got from my spiritual coach, Barbara Van Diest, and researched what best suited me and began eating correctly for me and moving correctly for my system and muscular structure – I didn’t get as cold. Now, I’m rarely cold. I’ve heard people say that as you get older you get colder because you lose strength. Guess what? “It Ain’t Necessarily So!”


I was thinking of addictions because of thinking of the “smoking” addiction and I realized I don’t crave sweets anymore. I like a sweet taste every once in a while; but I don’t feel the “need” for sweets that often, if at all.


I also think that not hurting and needing to walk with a cane, as I did when I had severe Osteoarthritis in my late 50s, made it easier for me to cope with my feelings about my friend’s passing. Am I very sorry to have lost her company? Of course I am! Am I sorry she needed to suffer? Of course I am! However, feeling healthy physically helped me function with less pain mentally. Surely, my mind was filled with questions like “What more could I have done to help her get on the right track for her health, etc.” – but – I realized that we all make choices.


With all my grief I have been able to get things done since last Saturday. I won’t say I never needed to take a break to ponder where spirit goes when it leaves our body and other questions like that. However, I find myself looking at things in a more scientific way than I did when I was young. I wish I’d studied more about energy and vibration, etc. I don’t think our vibration dies and I’d like to learn how to prove that.

I also got things I’d planned to do done. I admit I was slow in writing the Blog Post when I found out how ill she was, but I’m convinced that my improved health has helped me follow my calendar. I have my new Fit and Fabulous Workshop planned and I wrote a song I’ve been thinking about for a long while and I’ve begun writing a song for another singer I adore who’s asked me for one a while ago and…and…and…Ah yes, I found a song I wrote years ago that I’m re-learning to perform at the show the Metropolitan Room owners are producing in her memory.
In short, my mind is clearer now that my body is healthier and doesn’t “crave” what’s not healthy for it – and – I’m able to deal with “sadness” in a more practical way than I ever could before.


I’ll research this further and see what I can share with you. If you find anything you’d like to share please share it with me!

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