Learning To Enjoy Asking for Money for Services Rendered

I wrote a post about this topic several years ago. I think I’m finally (hopefully finally!) seeing that it will work for me.


Okay – I’m finally getting to the point, which is a point I’ve been avoiding most of my life! It’s OKAY for me to ask for money for services I render.


Right now the planet still, uses money as the primary medium for exchange. I’ve written before about my intuition that this will not last forever! However, it probably will throughout my lifetime – so I’d better get used to asking for it.


If a gentleman, whom I trust and adore will ask if he may take over that activity for me I’ll graciously allow him too – but, ya know? – maybe I won’t. I say this, because asking for money has been such an important thing for me to learn.


I’m getting a kick out of the changes that have been taking place in my brain in the last couple of decades, since I’ve begun circulating with spiritual people who are helping me get in touch with the fact that we each have a purpose in this universe. I know my parents and their parents got this but, in general, I don’t think most people saw themselves as a spec in a huge being that needed each of us. I guess deep within myself, I’ve known this since I was a little girl in Brooklyn.


However, in the 1940s, at least in my family, we were taught that females shouldn’t need to ask for money. It wasn’t that females were lesser beings. It was that we were higher beings. We could create the new beings on the planet. (Of course we needed sperm from males to do that!) My family didn’t feel that money was a b was a bad thing – well, not really bad, just less good than love and devotion. Women were put on a pedestal!


If anything, in family, women were held as too good to have to have to think about asking for money! Of course, that set up a big consideration for us little girls as we grew to be teenagers and then “college girls” and young adults. We had to attract a man.

We had to be “cute” when we were little and then pretty and feminine as we aged. It was also rough for girls who were taller than the boys in the class. I was always one of the tallest people of my age wherever I was as a girl. If I didn’t have a boy after me on “Visiting Day” at camp I’d feel very ‘less than”. I felt “less than almost every summer until the boys started to grow too!


Funny how I’m just about 5’6” I miss being 5’8”, like I was when I was in my 40s.


There was also the question of getting too high grades when I was a young girl. Girls were too good to have to study and do well in school. Boys wouldn’t think we were cute if we spent time studying.


I have to say that I, at least, have been fine with my looks since I’ve been in my 50s. Now, as long as I know I’ll be helping you with the activities and products I’ll ask money for, I’ll be okay with asking.


I think I’ve written about this topic I the past. Now I know I really need to follow my advice.


Here goes!

I’ve always been okay with paying my teachers, medical advisors, lighting technicians, pianists, etc., etc., etc. for the excellent services they provide for me – and now – I’ll be okay with asking you a fair monetary contribution for the services I provide for you!


I know several other people, who are in their 70s, who have the same issue with asking for payment that I’ve had. If you’re one of them, I hope this helps.


(I bet I’ll even be able to begin breathing again soon!)

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