Hard For Me to Believe – I’m Actually a “Science Teacher!”

I hardly took any science courses when I attended the Cornell ILR School or Columbia Teachers College.


I’m Excited To Realize When I teach My “Dress To Get YES!” and “Color Psychology” workshops – as well as my Slim Strong Sexy workshop based on my book “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” – I’m Teaching Science!


I’m enjoying the responses I’m getting from people – who’ve not yet taken one of my workshops – when I tell them I’ll be offering the Image workshops again. Most of the image workshops I offer only have to be taken once in a lifetime.


Services like finding particular items of clothing, etc. for people is another thing. They can be given whenever a client needs something new and hasn’t the time to find what they need or the knowledge to know exactly what that should be


I’m thrilled to give people the knowledge of what clothing and which accessories specifically work best for THEM.

My “Dress To Get YES!” workshop does that for the attendees.


I also teach a workshop which gives attendees the information dealing with which “color family” works best for getting good responses in different situations. This takes less time and is less expensive.

I call this “Color Psychology”.


I’m glad to say that I’ve found that most people who have taken this workshop come back to learn what specific shades of each color family, which fabrics and which shapes work best for THEIR skin tone, body shape and personality. Many have come for individual consultations and some have come back for the “Dress To Get YES!” workshop.


I do understand that Color Psychology can be given for much less money than Dress to get YES! It also requires and hour less time.


Your being fit and appearing healthy affects the way people subliminally react to you too.


I’m getting a kick out of the feedback I’m getting from clients that they are better received at auditions, business meeting, family gatherings, etc.


People don’t realize they’re judging you during the first 30 seconds of seeing (and hearing) you – but, their brains are working subliminally.

This is a science!

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