So Thrilling To Be Able To Help!

I was at a wonderful birthday party for a wonderful woman today and got into a conversation with an extraordinarily good looking and sweet “young” woman.  I know I put in many “positives” – and –  I truly felt joy at this event.


It’s interesting how my definition of “young woman” has changed since I was in my mid-fifties. I never worried much about being older because, thankfully, my mother (my whole family for that matter) never had an issue with adding years. I felt I deserved to feel like a member of the older community when I was in my mid-fifties.    Now I realize that someone 54 is more than twenty years younger than I am!”


The lovely young lady and I  began speaking about the delicious food that was served at the party and I spoke of  the foods I was avoiding because they weren’t the best for me, because they contained “Nightshade Vegetables” –  which aren’t good for me because years ago I had Osteoarthritis.  She became VERY interested in what I was saying because she had developed pain and had many of the same symptoms and issues that I developed in my mid-fifties. She was thrilled that I fully understood what she was talking about. It also turned out that we share the same blood type. I’m impressed with her for knowing her blood type. It’s interesting to me that many of the people I speak with about eating to help pain and bodily malfunctions have NO idea what blood type they have! I could tell that this young lady was very conscious and wanted to feel well.


After we shared a bit more conversation I told her about “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” the book I’d written on just this topic. I always have at least one or two of the paperback editions with me.   She got excited about it, got cash from her husband and bought it on the spot! I gave her my card and told her to feel free to call me with any questions she might have and that I’d be happy to help. If I can’t help her on the spot I’ll do the research or, if needs be, find someone who can answer a question she has that I’m not be able to help her answer.


I’m sure I’m not the only person who gets joy from knowing you can help someone solve a problem they’re facing.


I hadn’t thought of selling my book at this party. However, there I was able to help a bright and great looking lady, who was going through what I went through at her age. I feel as though get payment above the money payment I get in my Image Consulting work, my coaching people in the health areas I know about and in seeing people enjoying the songs I’ve written and the shows I produce.


While it’s important for us to get paid money for the work you do, when you see that the service or product you’re providing is truly helping the person who’s buying from you – you’ll feel as though you’ve been paid an even higher amount.


I do believe we’re on Earth to help each other. This belief may sound “Goody Goody”, but it certainly helps me and I bet it will help you too.

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