Finding My Way To Make It Pay!

I’ve just realized that when I truly love what I’m doing – there will be… there must be… a way to make it pay in every way! What I have to do is find the way that works for me to make it happen.


What I’m up to now is finding the way to find my way. Then I can help you find “your way” too.


It’s the same as each of us getting as healthy as we can be – by finding THE STEPS THAT WORK FOR US – and then breaking them down to find the least number of those steps we need to take on each day of the week (some are daily, some weekly, some yearly, etc.) to achieve the result. I’m realizing that getting anything I want to achieve will have this type of step by step method.


  1. When I needed to restore my health I found what was best for ME to eat for breakfast, then lunch, then dinner + snacks that help me through the day…plus
  2. What movements that exercise MY body should I make each day and when should I make them.


I know one is probably not supposed to let potential supporters know they’re they have any concerns about their plans to reach their goal in any business – i.e., earning a certain amount of money or gaining recognition for having created it, etc.  But how can anyone know what they’ve earned until they’ve kept the plan going – and changed the plan as needed – until the profits came?


Could I have known for sure that I would have lowered my cholesterol level to a very healthy level until I lowered it? No – of course I couldn’t have! Could I have known, when I started, that I would have weighed just what I should weigh after a certain number of weeks? No! I knew I could after I saw positive results coming in.


I had a wonderful coach who got me going and connected me with people who helped me. I’m forever grateful to Barbara Van Diest for getting me to start my plan. I, actually refined the “idea” of the word “plan” and I allow myself to think of it as “research” toward developing a “plan” that would change people’s lives. I guess Barbara Van Diest thought of it similarly when she was starting. She did pass on at, what we now think of, as an early age – BUT – given what she began with – she lived quite a bit longer than might have been expected and she helped hundreds of people and, therefore, achieved what she was born to achieve.


I achieved the results I did because I kept going with my plan and when I reached a period when I wasn’t getting further results I asked questions and revised the plan a bit, where needed. I kept going, whether or not it was working at a particular point – until it worked!

Surprising fact! It worked more quickly and easily than I thought it would!


I just leaned something so interesting!  I was feeling stressed because I didn’t yet know what was going to happen!



Join me as I begin my plan for being able to relax and know I always have the funds I need to live and to produce those books and shows and songs and give Image Workshops that I feel will “up” peoples’ lives.


My plan for this is beginning as I put the final period on this blog post! I want my life and your life to be “Fit and Fabulous From This Day Forward”!

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