I Discovered My Balance Improved Now That I’m In Better Shape

I had an exciting discovery today! The weather forecast called for some snow. I thought I’d heard it was going to be very snowy and cold, but a friend who was in town for her Birthday and whom I was meeting at Lincoln Center during the afternoon said she heard it would “just be a dusting”.



I’ve been rather cautious about being on slippery ground since I fell and hurt myself some years ago. I realize that I’m no longer in pain and I have rid myself of Osteoarthritis.



I tell you how I rid myself of it in my book “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” It was a simpler process than I ever thought could be!



At any rate today I could hear myself start talking to myself out loud when I walked out of my building. They hadn’t yet swept well outside when I needed to leave. I treated myself to a taxi and, even picked my friend up and we proceeded to Lincoln Center. I will say that the entrance to The Lincoln Center Library was scary. It was totally white and the pavement looked as though it hadn’t been swept. It had been somewhat swept, but not very well.



I followed my friend, the lovely and very caring and community serving, Jae French. She took hold of my arm and was helping me stay erect when I realized I had good balance on my own now. It seems as though the exercises I’ve been doing for the past several years have, indeed, strengthened my core and I did quite well walking on my own. I kept saying to myself, “Walk slowly and steadily Bobbie. You’ll make it.”



When I left to go home took a bus down Broadway to Fifth Avenue and 34th St. and then had to change for the 34th Street Crosstown Bus to First Avenue. The streets were tick with snow. I just kept saying “Walk slowly Bobbie and you’ll make it!” There were no available Taxi’s and I was glad. It forced me to do the job. Having a “positive” attitude and giving myself the time and believing I could do it – got me home safely and happily! I, actually, enjoyed my walk in the freezing cold and thick snow!



I know you can do things you’ve been afraid to. Yes – give yourself time and keep your eyes opened. Do the exercise and nutrition work it takes for you to get into your best shape possible. Then work on doing something just a bit more “difficult” than you customarily do.



If I can do it – YOU can do it too.

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