The “World” Will Heal When We Each Realize We’re Each Here To Forward the GOOD In What We Call Our “Universe”.

Our Universe wants/needs Us To Be Healthy & Happy to accomplish this!


Please forgive me if I’m repeating something I said in a previous post. Please, also, forgive me if I sound what many call “Whoo Whoo” in this post.


Once again, I got a feeling from – I don’t know where – that what we call our “Solar System” is an organ in an entity we call the Universe.


As I live longer my mind is wandering in more and more directions that I would have thought of as crazy when I was in my 20s.

This is caused by my wanting to find more ways to remain “Fit and Fabulous” for many, many, many years!


I so wish I’d taken more science at Cornell. I’m now discovering that my alma mater has such great science departments! I always knew the science departments at Cornell were very good – however I didn’t realize how good.


I never thought of myself as a “science student”. I guess I thought “there are only so many hours in a lifetime” and I did – and still do -love helping people. We were taught to help people at The “NY State School of industrial and Labor Relations” at Cornell.   I did love my college education and now, as I grow older, in terms of years lived, I’m getting more and more turned on by thinking about science and how we can find the answers to questions that will lead to peace in our Universe. (I bet we’ll then deal with creating peace between many universes that we discover exist.)


I’m realizing that all studies are part of “the whole”.


This way of thinking helps me in terms of continuing to ask questions that I keep finding out are necessary to keep me “fit and fabulous” physically and I’m no thinking also in terms of “mentally fit and fabulous” for many years to come. I’m seeing that all studies are connected.


I’m getting the WONDER of life. Could you begin to imagine a world that had NO LIFE?


I doubt there could ever be such a thing – i.e., “a world with no life in it”! The spheres we call planets and suns and moons would probably corrode after a few million years, without wise living beings on them to take care of them and keep the spheres flourishing.


The more my mind wanders the more it settles on the same thought. That thought is that everything is here for the “GOOD”.  When I say “everything here”  (by “here” I mean everywhere we can imagine and then beyond that! I’m talking about trillions of miles – a distance I don’t have a word for) is part of one thing. That ONE thing – is what I’m intuiting more and more – is what we call GOD.


It makes sense to me that this “GOD” would want us to ALL be WELL – and healthy and loving and happy.


OMG! I just had another thought! I may have said this in a previous post. Happenings we think of as “BAD” may occur so that we feel compelled to conduct the necessary studies that will lead us to learn how to release “the bad” to further the “GOOD”! Therefore – It’s all good!

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