At Last! Learning To Be Financially Wise Is Appealing To Me!

I Will Learn How To Remain Financially Solvent and At Ease By the Same Method I Learned To Get My Body As Fit As Possible! Find the Correct Questions to Ask!


As I stated in my last blog post on Feb 22nd “This way of thinking helps me in terms of continuing to ask questions that I keep finding out are necessary to keep me “fit and fabulous” physically and, hopefully, mentally for many years to come.


Since tax season is here I’ve started to think about keeping my finances as fit as possible so that I can live 35 or more years longer and be able to continue living well for all those years.


I almost feel a new book coming on. However, I need to concentrate on:

  1. Marketing my book “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” which helps others achieve what I, thankfully, learned to achieve
  2. Writing more songs
  3. Presenting entertainments that help uplift      audiences and
  4. Image Coaching and Color/Style, etc. classes, which greatly help the participants, by helping each of them realize how wonderful he or she is and how to communicate who they truly are through the image they project to the world.


My “work” is all based on what I love to do and I need to be sure that I’m proceeding in the best way for me to earn “my own keep” as I help others. There have been changes in these fields and I’m learning how to deal with any changes and how to keep taking care of myself financially. I know it’s doable and that as time moves on we need to expect changes in different fields.


I’m eager to show that we can adapt and succeed by doing what we love to do – and that we can do this at every age.


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