By Fulfilling the Needs Of the Individual Body Mind God Gave Us – We Help Ourself & the Whole Planet!

It recently dawned on me that eating “what’s right for me” (not necessarily what’s best for someone else) and doing the exercises that are best for my particular body has gotten me to be healthier than I’ve ever been (!) This, in turn is helping me realize that EVERYONE has greatness no matter what their particular body or mind or past history contains. In my next “It’s Just a Number!” cabaret show I honor people who perform and uplift audiences despite not being able to see or to hear properly. One of my honorees was deaf from birth and wAs able to feel the vibrations of different music notes and  sing beautifully despite not being able to hear. One very well known musical director whom I’m hooping lost much of his hearing while serving in the armed forces in the late 60s-early 70s and still became the musical director for Margaret Whiting (for over 25 years) and many “Greats”.

I’m so glad that found ways to get my body working well after thinking that, most likely, that could never happen – and – that I could use what I learned to help other people – by  writing the book “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!”  I thank the people who said, “How’d ya do it? Ya know – ya should write a book about it!”

I’ve done that with my songwriting, but didn’t realize I could get my body back into shape until I learned we’r not all the same. We each have to find out what our particular boy needs and then fill those needs. I use the food/exercise example to show that if we each allow ourselves to work with what God gave us as an individual – we’ll make progress. We help ourselves and we help the whole planet!

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  1. Stimulating message? Will you help me to figure out what my body needs, Bobbie? I have so many medical conditions and some of them are chronic.

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