Being I Better Shape Has Made My Mind More Able To Relax When Things Don’t Seem To Be Going My Way

I’m beginning to notice that since my physical being has become healthier, although my very first impulse when something isn’t going exactly according to plans is to feel nervous, I’m now able to say to myself, “Okay – what’s needed from me to make this work – in the best way possible for me.” I then find myself begin to breather at a slower pace and allow myself to say “Higher Power I need you guidance for this one at this moment. Guide me.”



I know the “Higher Power” work can sound “woo woo” at the beginning if you haven’t yet experienced its benefits. I’ve learned to understand, however, that developments that have occurred in our species – and in all species – have occurred to help humanity survive and have higher and higher levels of existence. I have a feeling that any of you who have successfully produced theater or different types of events can understand what I’m talking about. When things look like there’s no way to find the right musician to replace the musician who fell ill for an upcoming show – when you turn to your Higher Power and say, “I need some help here. I’m putting it I your hands. I’ve taken the courses and I know possible things I can choose to do. Guide me to the best choice.”   Just stopping for a moment and breathing allows me to proceed with the task in hand in a gentle way. I’m usually led to a path that gives me the best choices to make.



OKAY – why write about this on my blog about keeping and/or regaining your fitness?



I clearly see that since my body is in better shape and I need no drugs or stimulants to keep my body running smoothly – I find I’m led to better choices and I’m led to them more quickly. I’m able to breathe and allow the air to clear my brain and my stomach and I don’t clench and keep the wise thoughts dangling outside me.

Once I found which foods and exercises, etc. were best for my particular body I’ve been having a much simpler time of becoming calm and thinking clearly.



May 22nd will be my 77th Birthday and I feel healthier than I’ve ever been an I’m still energetic. What I’m going to concentrate on for the rest of May is finding time to relax and take a few hours off each week and just enjoy the sky and the trees in the park and the air. What I will concentrate on is smiling at people that I see in the street and not be offended if some people don’t respond or look annoyed that they were smiled at.   Often find that those who look tough and/or like they’d get offended by being smiled at are surprised by my smile and they smile back!



Try finding the foods, exercises etc. that work for YOU! I bet your life will run more smoothly too.


Have a Fabulous Time Being the Fabulous YOU!

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  1. Happy 77th Birthday on Monday, Bobbie!

  2. Great blog Bobbie!!!

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