Still Learning! I Learned Something I Never Expected To LearnWhile Spending a Wonderful Evening With My Son

For the last several years my annual Christmas gift to my son, David, has been a season subscription to a terrific series called “Broadway by the Year”, presented by our friends Barbara and Scott Siegel, at Town Hall. We meet for dinner before hand.


I have to admit that I now realize that I would sometimes think that I was really gifting myself more than I was gifting my son, because it insured me a night with him.


Last night I knew that my son would have to be heading home immediately after the performance due to work he had to attend to. Believe me, I know that feeling well myself.


I began worrying that I was too demanding on is time and knowledge and just the simple joy of his company and I heard myself asking him countless questions about his life feeling it was totally my job to see that his life went well and he was happy. Of course I got there early! I always do!!!! I just wrote a song with writer, Tom Toce, called “Why Can’t I Learn To Be Fashionably Late!” Then BOYNG! I realized I was doing it! I was there a half hour early and when my son got there I started making him “OK” (actually great), for every word he uttered. I realized I was doing just what my Daddy Morty, used to do. When I was 35 he kept telling me how I was really doing what was needed and that I shouldn’t worry – while at the same time he was looking at his watch worried he’s get home late.


My Dad so much wanted me to have a good life that he couldn’t be still about it and I often got worried that I wasn’t doing everything I should be doing to have a good life. Here I was being just the same way with my son!!!


This was an “EYE OPENER” and I’m totally grateful I got it.


I messaged my son, thanking him for the “eye opener” I got last night and telling him there was no need for him to answer the message.


Don’t ya know I got a call from him today, which totally helped me with a technical issue relating to my business and a terrific musical I produced and will be part of when it’s brought back to life this year.


He was there for me! He IS able to be there for himself and he IS there for himself. Sure – I can and will help him in any way I can, if he asks for my help.   I’m going to let him ask me. I would have asked my father more if he wasn’t always worried I wasn’t getting all that I should from my friends, boyfriends, husband…you name it!


I can finally breathe and realize my dad didn’t think “I couldn’t!” He just wanted me to know he loved me!

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