The Learning Continues! Instead of Fightin’ Let’s Enlighten!

In the past few months I’ve been finding myself to be “Learning! Learning! Learning!”


I’ve learned many ways to keep myself “fit” and, through my research, I’m glad that I’ve found ways to help YOU find good and healthy ways that work for YOU to get and stay fit.


What I’ve been learning I recent years is to admit that ‘life” doesn’t always seem “perfect” to me and I’ve written some Blog posts about that.


Yesterday and today I feel like I was hit “square in the face” with a finding that brought me back to a previous post I’d written some time ago.

Sometimes it takes me a few times to really Learn something! Do you find “re-learning” happens to you?


I’m usually the one smiling. People often ask me, “Don’t you ever get angry, Bobbie? “ I think that they’re thinking that I must be making it up.


Recently, I’ve been finding myself getting annoyed at things and I’ve realized that sometimes I am making it up!  I’m certainly, having a difficult time listening to the news or reading newspapers, these days. There’s so much anger abounding!


In the past two days I’ve gotten “bit” by ANGER twice. I realize that each time I’d gotten angry it was because I thought I’d been given wrong information.


Then the light went on!


If I was given information that didn’t help me get what I needed to know – I didn’t have to get angry! I could have helped the other person by letting them know what I “got” and that they could have communicated information that would have led me to think: ‘Oh right! I see what you need from me.”


If I TEACH INSTEAD OF FIGHT I’ll be more likely to get what I need and keep the other person on my team. They, probably, had no idea I would be surprised and/or angry by what I “got” from their invitation or explanation. I’m NOW quite sure they didn’t want to anger me. They wanted to sell me their product!


Today I discovered that I could make the time to see a show presentation that I, very much, wanted to see.   I was told that it was almost sold out and I’d have to get my ticket (if any were left when I got there) at the door of the theater.


I ran and cabbed instead of taking a bus to the theater and       got there about an hour before the show was to start. When I got to the theater I remembered it was a space that had NO waiting area. You couldn’t enter if a warm up rehearsal was still going on. I would have to wait in the street for what could be 50 minutes. I remember this happened at that theater in the winter once and it was freezing outside. I had my ticket for that on so I found a coffee shop a block away and waited inside.


Thankfully it was warm out today. I ended up not being one of the people admitted because a list, I wasn’t award of, had been set up beforehand. I finally did get to sign onto the list a few minutes before the show. It turns out the others got in and there was no seat for me.


A ”Miracle” occurred in my mind! I wasn’t angry. I was thinking – Ya know? I’m going to write to the theater managers and tell them to let people who use the theater space know that they need to communicate this to their audiences. Let them know they need to buy tickets in advance – and – if they can’t they should be aware that there’s no waiting space at the theater. Had I known, I may have made another decision.

I feel the same way now about political issues. Instead of “Protesting” – why don’t we try “Enlighten”?


Of course, we’ll still not want what we’ve been protesting against – to happen!


However, we may be more successful at getting what we rightfully should get, if we “ENLIGHTEN” people about why we’ll all benefit from what we believe should happen.

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