God Heals My Body – I Fall – I Heal – God Needs Us to Heal

I went to a Spiritual Class given at Unity this past Tuesday. On the way home I FELL.  I used to fall quite often and have taught myself how to avoid it – and – I’ve avoided for quite a few years now.  Last night after class I was at about 97th St. heading down to the Subway and even though I was paying attention to the street their ware two squares of pavement that looked very clean an cared for – BUT – one was just slightly raised from the other and the tow of my shoe caught it and I landed flat down (except I’ve learned how to not even think and keep my face lifted.  I didn’t hit my head at all but my knees hit hard as did my hands ad I was carrying a lot in my bags as you know.


Two lovely young people helped me get up and the dear girl insisted on carrying my bag.  They asked if I wanted them to call 911 – and something made me say, “I’ll be fine.  I know the universe wants me to heal well.”


The great girl insisted going on the Subway with me if I wouldn’t take a cab. She was warm and lovely! We are now friends.


I found myself talking to God in my head, asking what I should do.  I could feel God say, “It’s fine to go into the supermarket that’s on your way home from the cross town bus.   (I took the subway and then the 2nd Ave Bus after falling hard!)


I even decided God was going to heal me.  I still feel my arm where I landed a bit – but my knees are fine. I put ice on them when I got home. AND had a very productive day!  Truly believe GOD is with me.



I remembered the time I’d burned my cells under the skin on my hands when I allowed hot water to run on my hands because didn’t see any burning. When I felt pain I went – “Oh poor little cells Mommy didn’t mean to hurt you!” I realized I was God to those cells and I needed them to be well.  I have galaxies in me (Brain, Digestive System, Heart, etc.) I’m a Universe! I’m a Universe that lives in a Universe we call God and my Universe is a Cell in “God’s Universe”.  God needs me to be well – just as I need my little cells in me to be well.



I know I told you this before – but I really GOT it this time. I needed to be in class to re-hear the choices of how to view things. I can now choose to see me as part of God all the time.  God coached me all day!


I now see that what can keep me Fit and Fabulous is knowing my source energy is that large being I’m part of the we call God.


I will add one worldly comment. I’m noticing that new street paving being done now might look smooth. However, I notice that several newly paved areas aren’t 100% smooth. There are certain pavement squares that can be as little as ¼ of and inch higher that the pavement square next to it and the toe of your shoe can catch and fall. Therefore I ask you to keep looking at the street your walking on, so that you don’t fall.


That said, the presence we call God needs you to be well because you’re part of that presence. We all are and we’re all needed.


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  1. I’m reading this at 6:11am Sunday morning and am so glad you didn’t fracture your hip. And that you are at one with God.

    • Thank you so much Larry. My hip is fine. I’ll be performing in a video a talented friend of mine wrote. It’s good to be keep active.
      I ask you to enjoy this lovely Sunday!

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