Use the Fit & Fab Methodology For Getting Fit For Almost Anything You Need To Accomplish!


The learning keeps continuing for me and I’m certain what I’ve been discovering for myself can work for you too!


From last Sunday through yesterday – I was on The Unity Center of Norwalk’s annual Retreat. I treasure these yearly retreats. So far, each year I’ve attended, my soul got it’s “Aha! Moment” at some point during the Retreat itself. This year, each day I was there, I felt I was getting closer to knowing what my focus should be for this year and thought that must have been why I was there.


It seems that each year I get a stronger or a new focus in life that is a step up for me and enriches my life. I find I get this yearly at the Unity Retreat.


By the way – you can get your inspiration from whatever source or activity works for you.


This morning, while going about my activities of unpacking from Retreat, doing my daily exercise, getting some extra rest I needed, straightening up my desk and handling some clerical matters, etc. I realized that I was taking action to begin to set up my path to achieve what this year’s major life goal was for me. Perhaps it will be my central goal for the next few years.

I didn’t think I’d get to thinking about anything like this before Monday


When the life improvements I want to focus on this year HIT me – it HIT me that the steps I’ll need to follow will be very similar to the steps I took to get fit.

While what I want to (and need to) accomplish isn’t the same as body fitness it is fitness of a sort. IT HIT ME – that everything is “fitness” pertaining to what you want/need to accomplish.


I’ll need to:

  • Start doing research. Find out what steps others – who’ve succeeded in the area I wish to succeed in – have taken.
  • Make a list of the areas of action that need to be looked at. For example, to get fit I needed to look at
    • Food
    • Body movements
    • Where to live – e.g., places where the weather suits my body & the pace suits my brain
  • See if there are alternative steps that might suit me better than those I’ve found through research I’ve done thus far – and look for additional people who are succeeding in the area I want to succeed in and find out what steps they’re taking. Any of these steps may or may not work for me –but I should know they exist in case they make the path easier for me.

NOTE: Remember that we’re individuals and we may need to select the means to attain each goal that best suit our brain, dexterity, etc. etc. etc.

  • Start scheduling the steps into my day and see how they work.
  • Modify them as needed.
  • Keep reading as much as I can and see where human knowledge is now -about the subject at hand.



If you’ve read my book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward”, I’m quite certain you understand what I’m saying in this Post. It’s all the same process.


I’ll keep looking at this.   I’ll let you know what it is that I want to accomplish – – as I begin to accomplish some of the goals toward bettering the area of my life I’ve gotten excited about. The truth is, I need to make this area of my life work. I’m thrilled that I’m realizing I want to as well as need to – just as I did when my body needed help. I’m not really “in trouble” in the area I’m talking about – but, it will help me to do well in that area if I intend to live for many more years – and I DO INTEND TO!


In addition to your body’s health – what area do you want/need to better in your life?

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